Buy clique found electricity virgin territory, “men’s” electricity has huge potential

if someone were to ask a girl, where is the most do you buy your clothes, you might get a series of fast fashion clothing store chain list, there may be some online fashion clothing store. But, if you are a boy, it is estimated that you are less likely to be frequently used online clothing store shopping.

in the 90 s and the first decade of the 21st century, men’s magazine, such as the lads Mags, the Loaded or FHM have reports of men’s fashion trend. But the menswear show on the cover of the magazine is just British men of popular aesthetic a harbinger. Today, British men seem to have caught up with the fashion trend, especially in 18 to 35 years old male pay special attention to their appearance, although they never make public. Oliver Tezcan, east London fashion retail platform’s CEO, said the fashion retail industry has not yet been captured this trend.

“men’s fashion retail great changes have taken place in the way. My first foray into the fashion, men at the time was very, very have brand loyalty, which showed that they have a special liking to a brand. When I entered the world, as long as you have Super Dry and Diesel clothing carefree, because male customers like the two brands, but also of the problem of bump unlined upper garment. But now, the customer’s brand loyalty has been more and more low and more and more emphasis on the collocation of clothing.”

in aware of existing retailers (including online) cannot accept male fashion after the shift, Tezcan decided to build a store. Tezcan once in Asos and formed menswear, then as a head of men’s products, at the same time foresaw this special market in the field of rapid growth, these experiences contribution to the development of he now.

“apparel online e-commerce and online trading platform is a highly saturated market competition. But it is a big part of women’s clothing retail electricity company, only a few provided with men’s clothing. At the same time, the market there are a lot of traditional offline store online channels, most of them are just as traditional entity shop in additional income.” Tezcan said. “I was surprised, huge market was not a real business positioning do men’s clothing and carefully review the market.”

of course, this does not mean the market is no the second focus on men’s clothing company – Mr Porter is a focus on men’s clothing market of electricity. But The Tezcan thinks The Idle Man with Mr Porter completely different target market positioning.

“Mr Porter positioning in the high-end luxury, elderly people over the age of about 35. And under the age, the age of 18 to 34 male consumers more choices such as Asos, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop/Top Man, etc. But these businesses are doing all the same, they are the attached to do men’s clothing of women’s clothing mainly electricity.”

as a result, The general layout of The Idle Man is positioned on The male customers directly in The men’s electricity, but it is not a simple product melting pot together or do a simple distribution platform, simple construct platform for distribution brought about by way of profit is very low, only The three companies can through The integration of channels make it become profitable, small companies can only be vain.

for an emerging companies in east London which is unusual, it means that The Idle Man will need burden certain inventory, so that consumers can pick up The goods directly from here. But look from the negative side, this means that the company and the traditional clothing retailer with a high cost, although it does not need to bear the physical stores related fees.

the company was established in January, spring and summer new conference started in May. The soon-to-open only as a test of the site, and in September for the formal launch of qiu dong to work on the background and test.

but why The Idle Man thinks he can get success in The field of peers do not focus on?

Tezcan said “men don’t like to choose, but I want to make the right choice. Asos business model is’ look, there are 60000 new clothes, they are all styles from around the world ‘for female clients, this is heaven and shopping enjoyment, companies such as this is achievable show men’s way. But in fact, male consumers really need is a fast accurate to find what they want.” For example, a company often spend a lot of time to decide what is put in on the home page, like: which category, what are the key, how to edit function. But Tezcan think only less than 5% of the home page can access through the home page link points to open the corresponding content. For male consumers, they tend to find the search bar at the top of the page most directly find they want to dress style.

“this is two different search train of thought. Women are one shopping, the male is oriented shopping – compared with women, men need more specific guidance on the shorter search and choice.” Tezcan explained that “men don’t want to admit it, but really they are passive in terms of dressing.”

Tezcan continued, the electronic commerce provides a perfect way, provide guidance for people, for most people to give their willing to accept the advice, as once the magazine cover photo effects of boys and girls dress tide as of now.

“hidden in the high-end luxury fashion trends behind the too many blogs and too much soft. This work had nearly by FHM and GQ editors have a large number of page views to accomplish – but their coverage can’t pervasive, mobile e-commerce can now complete the comprehensive invasion of fashion information. But the market is still a lot of room to improve.”

if you are a brand of regional manager, is in competition and the most powerful competitors on the market sales of your products, you are will to repeat customers or transporting sales channel?

“we chose the customer loyalty, Zolando is a very good for standard; Zolando is not a brand name, it is a pure garment trading platform. We hope our website can let customers have more emotional experience. If we want and Zolando, Asos or Amazon for confrontation in the field of sales, it will fail. So the customer loyalty is very important to us.” Tezcan said.

Tezcan also provides a more appropriate reasons. Men have strong brand loyalty, once they value a brand, has shown that dogs feel intense loyalty. Idle Man’s marketing director Alex Outlaw also stressed that the old customer conversion rate than new customers for more than four times higher. At present, the company set up the months, it takes the growth of 80% a month eye-popping, but also continue to maintain this momentum.

Outlaw said, because the Tezcan in Asos work background, technical problems in the company set up the first few months, has been the most difficult. Today, the company hired a special technical director to coordinate the problems, makes everything has improved.

with the professional experience of talent, also makes the Idle Man is created as Facebook tracking pixels (one kind of the tool can be used to observe the personal home page views), attack other areas and develop the transformation strategy, at the same time can also take the time to dig deeper customer demand. The company is committed to develop personal design at the same time can also be customized.

The Idle Man doesn’t want to implement entity experiential functions such as virtual fitting room. “The greatest difficulty is fashion cannot replicate the success of others,” said Outlaw.

the real connotation of this sentence is, whenever a new inventions – whether it’s a small change – it can be used to improve the user experience on shopping platform. Of course, for a heart want to quickly find the right goods and immediately lay male consumers, whether such improvements have meaning?

“nowadays, there are thousands of various types of application about dressing up, but their user nearly ninety percent are women, and there is no sign of men interested in such applications.” Outlaw added to continue.

if The Idle Man is wanted to be GQ substitute for this kind of men’s lifestyle magazines, it will no longer need to do is just clothes. When it is the first step along the way, it began to try to align with Foffa bicycle, on their platform to launch Foffa little model of the bike and expand to more diversified products.

so, if you want to be a “Hip Hop Family Tree” or the “Downtown New York Skate Culture” hardcover edition, the website can satisfy you.

“we begin to do gifts and daily necessities, we hope to establish a set of lifestyle product line. We have set out to do male skin care products. Next year we will imitate The North Face, a covering all outdoor sports products electrical contractor) to do some outdoor products, set up The whole product line.” Tezcan said. “but we won’t do football shoes or tennis racket, we will only be around positive lifestyle do something that is associated with fashion clothing and accessories. We will all the products together.”

but in February this year, it received a small angel, in after August, again to get an amount of investment. Therefore, it has enough capital operation, and its operation cost is not high also, including the total number of employees to 14 people.

this time next year, The Idle Man hopes to achieve what goal?

Tezcan said “we hope that we can open up more markets – the United States, France and Germany is the biggest of the three goals. We also hope to be able to clear our brand concept – although we have some brand foundation, but its core idea is unclear. And, we hope to expand our team and that is the premise and foundation for the next step.”


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