Butler main O2O electronic maintenance, won the China capital investment of nearly ten million yuan

home consumer electronics O2O service home appliance butler announced recently won the China capital of nearly ten million yuan, the Pre – A round of investment. The amount will be used for other electrical appliances category services increase in Beijing and the expansion of mobile phone service in other cities.

home appliance butler (www.jdguanjia.com) project belongs to many fields of science and technology Beijing co., LTD, founded in 2013 by Feng Fan etc, in changing the traditional perspective of maintenance service industry. Once in August 2013 to obtain PreAngel Gu Hao, angel investors Leo wang angel round investment 1.7 million RMB.

this project at present main products for the consumer electronics and recycling service for this service, users fill out the online maintenance and sell single demand, home appliance butler send staff door-to-door service quickly, covering home, office, coffee shop, and even the car.

in the whole process, electrical home appliances butler service project is plain code marks a price, all the door and parts quality assurance, so also try to avoid the opaque operating problem of off-line repair shop.

Butler service

, for the moment, home appliance product category mainly focus on mobile phones and tablet computers, samsung, apple, nokia, millet, huawei, zte and other six brands of smartphones and apple tablet computer maintenance, mainly covering the hottest products on the market, it is also a key breakthrough by early enough staff and take strategy. Cover in cities, at present mainly in the Beijing area, is set to open in Shanghai and tianjin area.

on the business model, home appliance housekeeper like Uber scheduling, and adopt the social cooperation mode called engineers idle resources. In order for earnings, home appliance housekeeper and engineers involved in into.

home appliance housekeeper, co-founder and CEO Feng Fan said in terms of service life, maintenance industry is not a lack of pain points, but the service standardization difficult deep waters, the financing is a new starting point. The company will continuously improve the service system, make “mobile phone” this troublesome things become clear, simple and fast. Stewards at the same time, the “home appliances” will continue to expand the service products, rich peripheral, gradually involved in other intelligent electrical appliances product follow-up service, strive to make “home appliance housekeeper” become the right-hand man of daily life.

“follow-up service” referred to above should include value-added and maintenance aspects of electronic products, this is also reflected in the website, it is planned in the company.

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