Butler: birthday from mobile electric tools transformation, to do “open platform”

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birthday housekeeper from birthday reminders to the transformation of mobile electronic business based on the social scene, Shen Yuewen consumption scene in a relatively low frequency time “birthday” did thousands of users.

Shen Yuewen tell hunting cloud network: at first birthday housekeeper to running a user record good birthday, but the product is ultimately speak business model. They have accumulated $birthday management data, catch up with the wave of tools for 12 years. Luckily no secure tools turn social road, cut into the surrounding the electricity consumption, birthday cake, flowers, gift book. Invite merchants throughout the country, the service sinks.

the birthday housekeeper to support the country’s 300 cities, 10000 offline cooperative stores cake reservation, there were 200 brand partners, support phone orders and offline cake and flowers door-to-door delivery services. Now the daily order thousands year on year, 15 times more than a year ago, but now 50% for cake order.

birthday, after all, only low frequency time consumption, so in the eyes of Shen Yuewen, birthday birthday housekeeper positioning is not confined to management, all relative can stimulate the consumption in the holiday, the birthday butler is supported by the user to add. For example: valentine’s day, Chinese valentine’s day, father’s day, mother’s day. These are all can produce holiday gifts demand, so the housekeeper birthday in fact the main is “emotional consumption”.

in client, birthday housekeeper has no growth, but Shen Yuewen tell hunting cloud network, now at the top of the tube home birthday cake, flowers user account for only 5% of the total user. As long as let users accounted for 15% of consumption, birthday butler trading data will also increase nearly 15 times. So to tell is: “our internal work have to practice”.

about merchants server-side service sinks, Shen Yuewen speaking, they are in research and development to the merchants phone APP, order tracking, order reminder, order after these links are to be optimized, can technology to solve good things, we firmly without manual. Save offline business service time, and improve efficiency is something we have to do in the future. For big chain of merchants, housekeeper birthday to their custom development, and the related data through sharing.

in addition to good C end users, merchant service efficiency and promote good B end Shen Yuewen told hunting cloud network: “we are ready to * * birthday housekeeper open platform. Not to say that the platform is a trend, we follow suit, but we felt that we have access to more users. Now in addition to the B side controls the merchants, over billions of user data they want to open the birthday. They are our core competitiveness, the other kind of “365 calendar, the calendar calendar applications such as they don’t have the accurate data, although they are as a birthday manage this matter, but we think will make both sides win-win cooperation, direct access to the stewards birthday, birthday butler won the users, other partners through electricity purchase birthday housekeeper B channels into revenues.”

cooperation is open, despite the conversion rate, large user base is the foundation of the necessary profit. Whole, stewards birthday actually doing these three things, birthday housekeeper APP – business supply chain APP – open platform. For two purposes: good service users to improve the user base, expand businesses promote merchant power control. Finally becomes a birthday service cut into the social scene moving electric business platform.

birthday housekeeper, founder and CEO Shen Yuewen in qin involved in entrepreneurship, science and technology, founded in torrents nine days after had developed distribution platform “torrents download” game, team partners from baidu, weibo, and companies such as vertical electric business platform, the core team responsible for product, technology, operation, market, supply chain management, etc. Stewards birthday angel round investment was $360, A round of tens of millions of yuan for Oriental canopy vc. B round 15 years start plan, team is currently in hiring, dire lack of technical personnel, interested friends can click to view.

birthday housekeeper
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