Business Solutions

As an accountant, financial planner/advisor or a business looking for financial data for use in self managed superfund platform (SMSF) or portfolio management platforms, the ACIPIO™ range of solutions is your best data source. The ACCIPIO™ range of financial data solutions has been designed to meet the demands of the professional services industry. Fast, Accurate and most importantly the most COMPLETE data service available.

Accipio± MF

Available as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly data streams.

Retail Solutions

Investing during your own time requires access to data that can potentially save you from mistakes in the future. Timely information is what this is all about and your data stream has to reflect the needs of your portfolio, that’s where the Conventus range comes in.

Many of our staff are investors like you so we understand what is required to make key decisions so as to grow profitably. Whether you are an investor or trader wanting quality charting and analysis software, education and support then the Conventus range is what you need.

Market Wrap Up (ANS Solution)

Available as Daily, Weekly and Monthly data streams.

Recent Solutions

Case Study 1

Recently one of our clients was offered an up-date to his current software solution by his software vendor and like most “up-dates” the new software was full of “bugs” (That’s the technical term used to describe errors in software design) This up-date was not compatible with his data file from us (he has been using us and the same program for 7 years) and had no assistance from his software vendor when he called their Help Desk; they just blamed the data and told him to key it in daily himself. Working with our DSD Team we delivered a solution for him and maintain his software, data history and most importantly his reputation with his clients.

Case Study 2

One of our Retail clients had a need for special ASX data feed where he wanted a data that reflected his portfolio without the need to complete any additional data manipulation on his end. We referred the request to DSD who were able to provide the right solution to our client saving him TIME, Trouble and Money.

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