Business model: India the 10 venture star of the most potential

the latest population statistics shows that India’s population has exceeded 1.2 billion, become the world’s second most populous nation. Based on such a large population base, India obviously among the world’s leading scientific and technological innovation environment has immeasurable potential. However, India has always some problems lead to the social development is not smooth, such as the backward infrastructure construction, entrenched bureaucracy and insurmountable gap between urban and rural areas, and so on. When India’s eastern neighbor, China has built developed highway network, while India’s transportation network is still in a state of slow jam without planning. Despite the difficulties, change never stopped, a new generation of start-ups are constantly trying to break the shackles of the past, and the international market, at the same time, their progress to the domestic market has brought vitality.

in this competition is particularly fierce, there are ten of the most representative start-ups, through these emerging enterprises, we can see now the country’s entrepreneurial atmosphere is positive and optimistic and confident.


it’s headquarters is located in bangalore, India, the company set up 7 years, has always been considered a model of tech startups succeed. Until the end of July, this appliance merchant company financing amount has reached 1 billion dollars. This is the largest number of Indian companies raised. In view of the previous year raised $210 million, the company’s board plans in the next five years the company developed into a $100 billion valuation of big companies.

published in Delhi in December 2012, mobile applications, “the Indian version of the micro letter” remember, now has more than 20 million users. Was amazing, the rapid development of the more than 60% of its users from India, the Middle East and Europe most of the rest of the user distribution. The application can be used in all kinds of mobile platforms, this also was a big advantage. In addition, remember that had received two rounds of financing, a total of $22 million.


in bangalore Exotel is a cloud service provider start-ups. It aims to provide virtual phone and dial-up service for small and medium enterprises, and so on, thus reducing the customer service center is expensive. In March 2012, the company set up after a year, has received $500000 in financing, respectively from Mumbai Angels and Blume Ventures two Indian local investment companies. At present, the company has more than 500 the number of customers, by the end of 2014 the company plans to add 1500 clients.


WebEngage is a specially designed for electricity customers online promotion, market research, and online services such as promotion platform of the company. The Group, the company has thousands of customers from more than 40 countries and regions, and in 2012 from the focus on India’s investment company GIT Capitai Group received $500000 in financing.

Druva Software

Druva Software was established in 2008, the total number of employees so far more than in 150. The company to more than 3000 enterprises and companies – including NASA, Tesla (Tesla), KPMG (KMPG) and Xerox (Xerox), and other famous big companies – to provide the high quality of the data security services, its simple and easy to use service platform to a large extent reduce the cost of the company’s IT.

so far, the company has won four rounds of financing, a total of $67 million. These investors have Sequoia Capital, the Nexus Venture Tenaya Capital and Parters. Only in August, the company’s financing is $25 million.


Cucumbertown is a building for how to improve the cooking of social networking applications, applications, from the world’s top chefs, famous gourmet food bloggers and family provide thousands of recipes. The company was established in bangalore, California in the United States also have an independent office, is mainly used to maintain the data of the mobile platform. In 2012, the company received $300000 in financing.


in India, car rental market, the total annual revenues of $3 billion, but the most prosperous city in its is almost impossible to find a parking space. In view of this situation, car rental startup Zoom aimed at the opportunity to electric car rental, becoming the first electric car rental company in India. The company raised $2.9 million in total in three rounds of financing activities, after the success of the bangalore soft opening, Zoom the current business has extended to pune, in western India, between mumbai and beach goa a vibrant emerging cities.

biennial Reel

biennial Reel is a video communication applications, it allows the user to use video record 20 s text messages. Users can set which messages can be loop for the number of times and then sent to their contacts. SMS text receiver can cycle on the video player to watch this number until after reaching set automatically deleted. Based in bangalore, the company in September today released the app on Google Play.


Zomato brings together the world more than 20 thousands of restaurants, these restaurants from 11 countries 35 cities. In Zomato restaurant on the list, the user can preview the restaurant information, choose to compare which is more appropriate for dinner. In order to expand the markets of North America, Zomato recently received $37 million in financing, now Zomata restaurant found business have been upgraded by the original menu to preview to the comparison of dishes.

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder was founded in July 2012, India’s growing middle class family is dedicated to provide you with advice building is decorated, such as high quality contemporary design, practical and beautiful and some handmade furniture, etc. The company recently received $21 million in financing.


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