Business leader: must have a “river lake”

in this paper, the author: li-xin bai, engineering, Ph.D., IBM (China) operating strategy chief adviser

CEO must have a sense of “river lake”. Castle peak appears once warrior often, this is the latest quotation from warrior, and is not a joke.

CEO not difficult, difficult is to be a successful CEO. If you used to be a technical expert, marketing or star, or the capital operation, your friend and partnership to set up a company, the company do big, you can also become CEO of a major corporation.

as a CEO, you should be the spiritual leader of the company and team core; But, if you still couldn’t technical experts of the bookish, marketing genius of the driving forces behind the flying snow, capital karate, you may be a lack of sense of “river lake” CEO.

in my shallow understanding of castle peak warrior, “river lake” appears to be close to and now in vogue “leadership”. Has the feeling of “river lake” CEO can from professionals into a liberal, from work to life, from his dry become dry, or even from smart instead of confused.

I understand, “river lake” at least this should contain three elements:

1. To have a story.

the river’s lake, there is always a story spread, and the legend of the better, if not done in building to collapse, is at least hero save the United States. Mr Zhang save failing street legends of small factory is enough, Mr Zong’s entrepreneurial story is interesting.

Mr Zong startup has over 40, there is no special relationship and skills, only when the salesman for school-run enterprises. Pull tricycle sending books, selling popsicles, a Popsicle 4 cents, can only make a few mile of money. This hands-on approach to let Mr Zong and wahaha has zero distance close to consumers, so just had on children’s psychological insights and spread across the great river north and south “drink wahaha, eating is sweet”, since the child’s heart, will take the parents money pocket. If you think this is not popular, might as well look at the story of Mr Liu.

on a dark windy night, night liu chuanzhi, take the spirit erguotou wine, to colleagues announced a very bold goals: to lenovo in the future to make a sales of 2 million companies. Yes, it is 2 million, not 20 billion, is the yuan, not dollars. If Mr Liu had vowed, let’s get to $20 billion, and to make it to the U.S. imperialism’s home to New York, I’m sure they must have been drunk all of Beijing spirit erguotou. Therefore, river lake top stories to the legend, but not too fantastic.

the entrepreneurial story is always more fascinating, but it is not only a story. Fifteen years ago Mr Gerstner CEO pushed through IBM’s strategic transformation, there is a story spread very far away. In an executive meeting, Mr Gerstner said, his mind not to see the PPT and long, he asked all people turn off the computer, everyone out of the belly of the dry goods, direct hit problem of nature. You may want to see this story formed by the shock wave.

can you imagine a without the legend of a successful CEO? It is very difficult. However, to become a CEO of “river lake”, is yet to come.

2. to have a help to follow the brothers.

to drucker on leadership point of view, the only measure of a leader is to look at the number of his followers, the same measuring of the most important marks of a river’s lake eldest brother, is look at how much his brother, but is the hard-core brothers.

a friend would question said, do not bonded, it is behind The Times, in the west of the enterprise, the brother of rare, work is work, colleagues and brothers are two different things, cannot confuse STH with STH else. It is rational, but if you are willing to listen to kazuo inamori, you might be slightly change some own views.

kazuo inamori think, boss and staff in the office, it is difficult to have a heart-to-heart communication, without communication, there is no trust, there would be no critical moment hard. So, he often after and employees together to drink, drink more, the boss and staff’s boundary is fuzzy, some words also can open it. This informal communication to help him solve the problem in many formal.

in addition to the communication of kazuo inamori type, the CEO must have the insight into human nature, “director of choose and employ persons, all of the available; Employing the short, the world is “. In addition, still have to have a long-term view, broad mind and the will of steel, and so on good quality, worthy of brothers are hard for you. This is long, I don’t understand, stop here.

all in all, in today’s competitive environment, basically requires the CEO is a perfect man, it requires no reality is very practical.

there is a sales manager, said CEO we distance is like the earth to the stars, in this life can’t close to. As CEO, if you think the company executive force is not strong, it is just because of the high-level disunity, middle don’t work hard, not obedient, at the grass-roots level that I want to say a not nice to say, that doesn’t mean they are stupid, only a fool, everyone know who it was, you may also know.

3. Have the wave excellent opponent.

river lake top popular XiaGanYiDan maxi-cans, natural look down on bullying. Ten years ago a group of entertainment industry bosses from Taiwan to the mainland to cultivate virgin soil. In the words of a boss, they have erosion in Taiwan, so in mainland is pure of, can deal with the opponent with his left hand. This does not false at the time. Today, looking back at the time of the so-called leaders, if they could in government regulation, competition and moral boundary fuzzy zone continued to flit, can still on beefing up the cracks in the Mafia and the white, it is a river of the real deal. Otherwise, just walk on.

if you haven’t had enough good competitors, or prove that you are really an eye, the market’s honeymoon period to enjoy alone, or you are wrong understanding your own market. He overheard a CEO, technology, products, services, business model is unique, all could not see the competition with a telescope. Said this person, not a triad master to boast, novice is the river’s lake in the narrow market gap between the fun.

your opponent’s level, determines your level of the company. Therefore, competition is not always a bad thing, especially between experts missed, even more so. If not wavered in gome, suning won’t run so fast. However, if this, in turn, is not necessarily true. May not, to say the hurun to Mr. Huang holds to heaven, huang also not fall so miserably.

this is the charm of jianghu, your opponent will achievement you, while your friends may ruin you.

besides stories, brothers, rival, to accomplish his popularity in the river’s lake, must also need to other factors, such as a confidante, such as chance and luck. River has spread, said the Guo Wei than Mr Yang has a sense of “river lake”. However, the reality is that Yang yuanqing, lenovo computer Guo Wei leading digital China. Now, on the international river’s lake “screamed again and going to” Yang yuanqing, Guo Weize for transformation of the “transfer” and not “yes” misery for several years.

what is “river lake”? I’m here just some nagging on hearsay, relied upon. Jin yong’s the perfect answer. Maybe next time against the green warrior on the river’s lake, can consult upon.

maybe, after the “leadership” in the dictionary will entirely replace “river lake”. On the river’s lake, who says good time?

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