Business group of the three kinds of people: the pretensions, stars, innocent child

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there are three types of entrepreneurs, pretentious, star, innocent child.

pretentious person cannot work for any company. Basically can’t hired. They are very clever, self-righteous, without a bachelor’s degree, firm, and sometimes arrogant. In establishing his own business when they can wash the car for a basic living. They found that entrepreneurship is the only way to survival. They will resist the investors’ money, they prefer to use the way you want to slowly grow up, don’t want to take money to compromise. This is a proven itself, without looking for degree of self.

stars usually have a good career. They are very smart, very smooth, usually do very well, also will have a good time alone. For industry, they usually know something other people don’t know. They will raise funds as early as possible. They must have ideas, but they founded the company because they can find the money, and the terms are usually very good. Investors willing to bet on to them, “why not”. Their formula: success=be acquired or listed, failure=most likely hire purchase. They want to find them quickly, and then rapid growth, finally quit. If things are not well, they give up. They do not spend 10 years to build a company, unless something goes well, the opportunity cost is high.

some other entrepreneurs is innocent child. They are very clever, perhaps is college or graduate school, a lot of reading science and technology media, see a lot of Steve jobs. One day they designed an iPhone app, and then they would have wanted to start a company. They think that passionate about something, it is usually very cool. They will build user group and wait. They say the meaning of the growth is greater than the revenue, because they have no idea for how to make people pay for things. They will continue to write a lot of code. No one knows where they are going to end. But they may be out of a multi-billion dollar company.

the three different types of entrepreneurs, they all have the same success probability of 1%. Pretentious will fight to the last drop of blood, star will stop at some point and then to move on, innocent child never know when to give up.

what kind of them are you? However, no matter you are what type of venture capital, you are worthy of respect, risking their lives to do something for you, for your stupid and foolish.

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