Business for the first time, three prick silk for a third team became a millionaire

this year on May 19, Google has bought a $120 million for a start-up company, New York area immediately became 2014 years one of the biggest deals. This mysterious 70 employees in the company, a third becomes a millionaire. At the same time, the company’s founders began to join and participate in the Android business sector. Divide, it is the name of the company, but in fact, most people have never heard of, and for the company’s CEO, 36, Andrew Toy also did not understand.

Divide itself is a mobile productivity applications, can help the employees work in carrying a device instead of two. Once on the phone to download application, the application immediately could be divided into two modes: mobile phone in work mode, mobile phone monitoring by enterprise IT departments; In private mode, the IT department has no right to intervene the individual’s normal recreational activities.

how the $120 million deal from the sight of the mass media ZhongLiu past?

Google is characterized by its mystery, especially during the acquisition of the strict confidentiality agreement. At the same time, Google also do not need to hundreds of millions of dollars in public under the acquisition price, because for a $55 billion company, the diffusing. To a large extent, the media will ignore the start-up, and this kind of situation, for those who like Uber mass is good application. So like Divide so successful acquisition, sometimes it is not remarkable. Google, for example, in 2012 to more than $100 million to buy a New York startup TXVia, but its price has never been reported.

Google refused to allow the Toy will Divide the situation of the company and its acquisition, revealed to the media. Instead, we can only from insiders and Toy Divide friends understand relevant situation there. This article will piece together a complete story by them, they will tell us, Divid founders is how to start a large-scale enterprise, how to promote Divide into this year’s New York is the largest, one of the most secretive acquisition.

Divide, co-founder of Alexander Trewby, Andrew Toy and David Zhu

a outstanding CEO

Andrew Toy was born in Hong Kong, but on the single from his accent is difficult to identify where he is. With a little bit of English pronunciation Australian twang. Toy’s father was moved from Australia to China before his birth, became an architect, and joined the local Toy a British expatriate community. Although Toy appearance and his younger brother and their father, like the Chinese, but still give a person the sense with strange, so they became a Hong Kong school of minority groups. “We all know that we are different, the idea has been exist in our lives,” Toy’s brother, Chris said in the interview.

in the Toy was seven years old, his father gave him a c + + programming book. Toy started studying programming, soon he was created to play video games together with brother. “We don’t have the latest games, so Andrew brothers created the game for us,” Chris said, “we’ve learned to spontaneously to solve a problem.”

Toy classmates, most of all want to return to the UK after graduation from high school. Toy’s parents want him to learn financial or become a doctor. Toy, however, insisted that his love of technology, after go to Stanford university to get a degree in computer science. Chris followed Toy went to the United States.

Toy graduated from Stanford university in 2000, then joined a silicon valley start-ups Jarna mobile workflow. Young as he is, he makes the manager impressed on him. “I have been seen in life many bright young man, Andrew is by far the most outstanding, these people,” the manager described on LinkedIn Toy. “He knows how to clearly and succinctly convey his ideas, even so it is very technical matters.”

Toy heading to New York a few years later, joined Morgan Stanley’s mobile development team. At that time the mobile revolution is in the rising stage, but the Toy think it will be the next major platforms. Working in Morgan Stanley, he and his future Divide co-founder Alexander Trewby, David Zhu together work for the department of remote computing.

after work with Morgan Stanley over to Viacom Toy company, became the company vice President of mobile technology, learned more about the content of the business development and sales. Work, he will directly report to company’s CTO.

when the Toy’s three years younger brother, Chris, from northwestern university after graduation, they became the roommate in Manhattan. The next eight years, and they all live together, and often exchange business idea in the morning commute. “Had seen at least 1000 ideas,” Chris says. Some ideas are very ridiculous, but when Toy proposes the tentative idea of Divide by accident, things start to get a formal.

at the end of 2000, the blackberry is the choice of many enterprises and their employees. Unlike iOS and Android, blackberry, safety performance is good, IT can control application. But the blackberry applications don’t like the Android open source, developers can’t should be enterprise needs to operate mobile phone Settings. On the iPhone and android devices quickly get the favour of the user situation, people began to look at two types of the equipment into the office location: using a blackberry at work, personal use smart phones. As the BYOD (” bringing Your Own Device) needed to tide, the concept of Toy before and his colleagues in Morgan Stanley envisioned, they can develop a application products as an alternative, to solve the problems which need to be two cell phones.

From Google

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Toy, Trewby, and Zhu after the departure, in January 2010 to create a Divide the company’s predecessor, Enterproid, the name of the company, by the “enterprise” (enterprise) and the combination of “Android”. Founder to raise $500000, and before the money comes mainly from their boss and general manager in Morgan Stanley.

at that time, their three people live in three different continent. Trewby has with his family moved to Britain, Zhu moved to Hong Kong, the Toy still stay in New York. But they have become accustomed to working in Morgan Stanley during the develop of the remote cooperative ability. In addition, the three of them scattered around the world also enables companies to achieve the real round-the-clock operation. Everyone can cope with jet lag. “David and I have a child, it helps us to sit up all night,” said Trewby. While the Toy is responsible for the work in the United States and Hong Kong time.

Chris said, “every entrepreneur must work hard, many times I see Andrew’s efforts, but decidedly different Enterproid internal working condition.” Chris is now can’t remember what it was like when his brother went to bed.

Alexander Trewby Enterproid office in London has a double bed, employees can go to the upper or make a phone call. Trewby double bed is in the Google office in London. Enterproid in global office have culture cultivate eccentricities. In London, for example, the arrangement of the double bed and Trewby decorate in the old apartment in Manhattan. Spread on the table takes up the lower space, and often become privacy space, the goal is to make staff in a crowded office environment is a little places a call. (Trewby double bed), is now being placed Google London office Trewby team enjoy afternoon tea time in four o ‘clock. In New York, Toy provides another food reward: cotton candy machine.

in the next few months, Enterproid created a compete directly with the iOS and Android, corporate friendly operating system. The purpose is to obtain similar HTC and LG manufacturers, with the approval of embedded system on their equipment, and to sell these pre-loaded Enterproid system of mobile phone. But team soon discovered that in order to make cooperation and the hardware manufacturers need to spend a lot of time and money, so they raise again.

Android’s sponsors and Google Ventures partners PlusRich Miner helped Divide team and to invest in them. Toy friends laugh, from about meet in the process of financing, the Toy of extremely careful mathematical method has been adopted.

one of the friends said, “he accurately estimate the number of venture capital firms, and use a large amount of spreadsheet to record how to solve each situation.” He estimates that Toy contacted about 40 different risk investment company. Many companies for enterprise in the field of mobile do not understand, and for this reason refused the request of the Toy; Some companies have claimed that they need before making a decision and the experts of the enterprise, the founder of the Android Rich Miner to communicate. One of the Miner is also the member of Google Ventures.

is the first to reach out to Enterproid NYC Seed of Owen, Davis. Davis will Toy team introduced Genecast Ventures, the venture capital firm in the fall of 2010 to Enterproid invested $1.3 million in seed funding. BOLDStart Ventures and High Peaks Venture Partners are also involved.

Toy and his team members, and moved to Manhattan sixth avenue no. 32 a small office of the street.

although Miner and Google Ventures missed Enterproid seed round of funding, but Miner still require and Toy, Trewby and Zhu calls. Founders are ecstatic. Trewby in total points out: “we are too optimistic, ‘that’s great, we will be acquired, it is too easy’.” Toy and Trewby flew to Hong Kong, in the offices have been set up over there, they talk together with the Miner. This phone is still intact packages in a sealed bag.

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