Business don’t understand the marketing? Google released application personally teach you!

(/horse relief yi wen)

Google yesterday formally launching a called “Primer” online education mobile applications. It is reported, by a world-class large launch of products, designed to help those obscure small startups, learn quickly grasp the market marketing the “trick”.

Google in a Primer on the official page wrote: “this is a refused to advanced industry terms, only take five minutes to learn useful, the application of real marketing case.” All the cases, and experience comes from industry real scene, build jointly by Google and marketing experts.

Primer described using straightforward language, comprehensive measures such as case teaching, online quiz to help users to learn and consolidate the learned knowledge.

it is understood that the application of the early course includes search engine marketing, media promotion, content marketing and so on. Not only that, users can also subscribe to in need offline activities, Primer can be inform of the user in the form of E-mail.

is a personal, the dapper little course also allows offline playback. Users in the subway, plane and so on any network signal is bad or the absence of a network connection, still can use of fragmented time to study.

, at the moment. The Android version will be posted date as soon as possible.

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