Build crowdsourcing wi-fi, let you in free online anytime and anywhere

Instabridge, an Android application wants to replace your phone wi-fi management by default, and then give you access to wi-fi hotspots crowdsourcing database permissions, the database, there are about 1 million seeds. The European VC Creandum and GP Bullhound participated in the investment, there are many angel investors, including Niall Murphy (TheCloud CTO), Scott Bannister and Felix Hagn? (TradeDoubler co-founder, former chief technology officer).

Instabridge company was originally established in the end of 2012, in order to enable you to share with your Facebook friends your wi-fi hotspots, the Stockholm has been working on the startup company since was established to forge a broader Instabridge wi-fi sharing community as a work center. Instabridge, an Android application allows you to share with other Instabridge users any detailed information wi-fi hotspots, and allow you to access wi-fi hotspots of others in the community sharing.

in addition, the application of preset a free wi-fi database of the venues, such as McDonald’s and starbucks. These are usually shown on the map, but can also use a compass to find your phone navigation.

“at its most basic form, Instabridge can completely replace the phone wi-fi management,” Instabridge co-founder and chief executive of Niklas Agevik said in the interview. “Part of your mobile phone wi-fi function in the past 15 years seems to be the same. So reflection on these is exciting. Using Instabridge, you can use it to connect to the wi-fi, through our usually like to provide you with strong ability to do what you do.”

as an example of the super function, Agevik cited Instabridge backup function. It can be stored in the cloud your wi-fi network, but also can synchronize your any other devices running the application, such as tablets. Instabridge will also give you a hint, if the wi-fi network is open network or will you pay to be able to login.

“the most important thing now is that it can help you find in your nearest location of wi-fi hot spots or free wi-fi connection” he said.

in data indicators, Instabridge declared that every day is new to more than 1000 wi-fi network, every day there are 20000 connection is connected to the Instabridge – located hot spots. It is important to note that we found that the application has entered the most emerging markets, such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and India, as Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

“a lot of different suppliers provide different free wi-fi service, but I think our unique selling proposition is, we merge them into one application, and make it easy to find easy to use”, Agevik added. “There are some other similar application automatic connection you open wireless network, or to help you find wi-fi. But Instabridge difference is the community of users can share with them the wi-fi, so make sure you use Instabridge get more wi-fi, also make sure that the WiFi in Instabridge list effective – this is our real pursuit of hard work.”

at the same time, haven’t Instabridge current profits, it represents a new round of funding will be used to speed up the development of the company’s Android, iPhone version plan will be released soon.


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