“Bubbles laundry laundry embrace O2O,” to do laundry industry Uber

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is also a level of billions of market, and the size of each year will continue to the growth rate of 10% growth, at the same time as the Internet application in all walks of life gradually thorough, laundry industry the Internet has become an inevitable trend. In July this year online bubble laundry, laundry service platform is a O2O mode. Bubble laundry USES the thinking of the Internet, through the use of advanced algorithms and technology to connect users and large professional laundry factory, provides a quick, convenient, clean laundry service online.

bubble laundry entrepreneurial inspiration come from? Founder of trapping, sichuan university, master’s, has more than 10 years of sales experience, in the depth of the real estate and related industries development, the business should speak of from her a laundry experience. Once, trapping and take home a piece of carpet to the dry cleaners dry cleaning, but because their husband and the work is very busy, so nearly three months after wash can hardly with dry cleaners to coordinate a good time to take. Slowly, she even forget the existence of the carpet, until she remembered, found that dry cleaners have been closed. Trapping and convective cloud network, “how to improve the user experience of laundry service and how to reverse the laundry corner shop model, become the starting point of entrepreneurial bubble laundry.”

bubble laundry “assets, technology” mode is adopted to establish the perfect laundry the intermediate links, to connect users and professional laundry factories, to provide users clean, fast and convenient online laundry service. Specifically, when a user to the front of the village of wash wardrobe with the clothes, the clothes in the area of intelligent wardrobe, users can use micro letter/APP/telephone orders and, wash the chest of drawers with mobile phone via bluetooth connection between the user after placing orders, wash wardrobe will automatically assign a cabinet put oneself in another’s position to the user, at this time, the background system can get the order, user information. When all wash wardrobe occupied capacity within a certain area reaches a certain proportion, logistics personnel responsible for the area take the clothes to unity. Bubble laundry only responsible for logistics team from each district distribution between wash wardrobe to washing factory, this mode of “assets, technology”, not only greatly reduce the cost of a bubble laundry, fast and convenient to the user experience.

bubble laundry laundry service of laundry factory has strict quality requirements, included the quality of washing and ironing, and packaging quality and so on, all clothing factory complete quality test before they can be sent back to factory. In terms of choosing washing factory, bubble laundry only choose two kinds of washing factory cooperation: to provide services for five-star hotels washing factory, special guest clothes washing washing plant. At present, in the home to chengdu, bubble laundry washing a total of four cooperation factory, which is given priority to with “chuan jie”. Trapping, “washing factory need to design the corresponding control system, and docking with the bubble laundry IT systems, make its whole washing process is controlled to care.”

laundry Internet is not a new topic, such as the existing e bags of washing, dry cleaning guest, etc., to provide users with is to take the clothes, send clothes laundry service, the difference between specific pattern is the details of the service. Bubble laundry by intelligent wardrobe collection way, convenient operating process, at the same time, the user can through the whole process tracking means IT, real time control of the laundry orders, users can mechanism is transparent. Trapping and convective cloud network said, “bubble washing store, also does not have the door take the clothes, have a plenty of intelligent washing closet, and connect the user, and the wardrobe, delivery staff, washing factory is a set of bubble laundry own IT system development.”

at present, the bubble laundry provide per piece and two laundry charge modes by the sack. Starting from the laundry to finish, the whole service will control in 3 days. Bubbles in the laundry is the main crowd high-end residential users, such as users are not satisfied with the quality of laundry, provide free heavy washing service.

bubble laundry since mid-july online and obtain a good market response, currently more than 10000 users, every day thousands of single order, they are at the end of July will get famous angels Mr. CAI millions of angel investment. “Current bubble laundry is still in the model validation and perfecting the product function, the next step is to increase the intensity of product marketing, bubble laundry service to expand to other cities, to seek more channels of cooperation, the future of bubble to do laundry Uber, allow more users to enjoy clean, fast and convenient laundry service.” Trapping and said at last.

project: bubble laundry

time: July 2014


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