Bubble, venture capital to startup “worldwide problem”

Vestaron made a kind of environment-friendly pesticides, spider venom Bagaveev made a 3 d printer for nano satellite rocket engines, TransatomicPower are developing the next generation of nuclear waste run reactor. These companies have one thing in common: there are investment from venture capitalists in silicon valley.

in the few years of science, engineering, such as clean energy technology start-ups to evade, investors began to interested in them, and hope that the industry’s low tide finally over. But these start-up companies face enormous pressure to prove their technology could be better than a hot technology like Snapchat and Uber company profits faster.

in August, funded the Facebook and conduct such as social networks and media streaming music service company raised Fund, announced to Cambridge, Massachusetts Transatomic Power investment of $2 million. Y Combinator is famous for support network and mobile application startup, such as social news site Reddit and game maker Omgpop, participated in a few days ago to development powered by nuclear fusion engines Helion Energy early investment of $1.5 million.

last month, Google said it was buying San Francisco biotech start-ups Lift Labs, the company is manufacturing high-tech spoon hand tremor.

“we try to change pesticides.” Former genetic researcher, Vestaron CEO John Sorenson said. Years looking at other start-ups like Snapchat and Square raised millions of money, and he is also struggling to find investors. Last month Vestaron finally completed the third round of financing. “Thankfully, venture investors began in the field of the real core technology innovation investment.” Mr Sorenson said.

according to the national venture capital association, in general, the first half of 2014, industry and energy start-ups has attracted $1.24 billion in venture capital financing, is more than double the same period last year, but investment is lower than the peak of $2008 in 4.64 billion.

in the first half of 2014 to biotechnology start-up investment compared with the same period last year increased by 26%, to $2.93 billion, the year investment is expected to more than 2008 peak of $5.14 billion.

with the tremendous increase of investment in other technology companies, especially with web and phone service company, this kind of investment and its influence. Last year, the software company has attracted $11.2 billion in venture capital investment, increased by 85% than in 2008.

when the solar panels, proponents of algae biofuels and future batteries guarantee will eventually but fails to change the world for yourself how much investors in clean energy losses of billions of dollars in the rise and fall of felt betrayed. That makes them for or heavily regulated in emerging markets need a longer development time tech startup investment more cautious.

but investors say they are increasingly think silicon valley has been escape harder to solve the problem, this phenomenon can be described with investor funds motto: “we want the flying car, but only 140 characters.”

this worry is extremely saturated harmonic network consumer market. Investors said, in order to succeed, a company must get rid of the inherent pattern.

“I can let me to any interested in something closer to the iron man armor.” Boost VC’s CEO and founder of Adam Draper said. Boost to guide the development of a company is Bagaveev, the company with a 3 d printer for only a few pounds of nano satellite manufacturing rocket engines. “Social media has been growing, the risk investment should focus on the things will appear next.”

Transatomic Power by a nuclear scientist at the Massachusetts institute of technology was established in 2011 and is in a small early development stage of the molten salt reactor, the reactor can produce safe, clean energy, and does not produce nuclear waste. The technology originated in the 1960 s, but Transatomic Power is using investment to material and model experiment in order to develop new design. The start-up to start building the reactor needs more investment, or a partner.

“the world needs a stable cheap source of power, and nuclear energy seems to be the obvious choice.” Transatomic Power co-founder and CEO Leslie Dewan said, “but it got $300 million in funding from investors, perhaps we need to make an iPhone application.”

Vestaron is pesticide company founded in 2001, has a similar lofty goals, on agriculture and food recently got the attention of the silicon valley. Vestaron says it can spider venom pesticides without harming other animal control under the condition of beetles, caterpillars and other insect pests. This can reduce the environmental impact of agricultural pesticides, make agricultural workers to work more safely, can overcome the pest resistance for many years.

this year, the environmental protection agency approved Vestaron active ingredient extracted from venom, enables the company to sell to farmers and farmers in 2015 this kind of pesticides. Vestaron director, says Mr Sorenson, plans to complete the first year sales of $1 million, with the latest round of investment to the farmers to promote products, and then to the general home and garden.

even if science classes in obtaining a startup investment, but they are going to worry about the profit from the start.

in California’s mojave desert Xcor Aerospace, which means that it must be built first suborbital space shuttle aside, the long-term goal of turned to research and development to sell to NASA and other space rocket engine ignition of the company. Have a stable income, Xcor to the engine mount experimental aircraft to verify the concept of the space shuttle. Through Space in May Angels Network (angel investors in the field of aviation organization) to raise a $14.2 million investment, Xcor finally assembled the fuselage of the plane.

“they know you can’t talk to billions of dollars to build a space plane.” Space Angels Network, general manager of Chad Anderson said, “so they can from can create business value is the smallest part of the beginning.”

so big amount of investment Bagaveev can only dream of, it is only in April to raise $535000 seed investment to develop reusable launcher, this kind of transmitter can put 22 pounds of satellite into space. The company’s founder and CEO of Nadir Bagaveyev said that this technology can make small company can’t afford to buy millions of dollars of satellite can go into space.

“we are like a space of uninterrupted power supply.” “, says Mr Bagaveyev you bring satellite to us, we can ensure that in a week or a month to send it into space.”

Bagaveyev, says Mr Company will use the seed investment ideas to prove his potential. Company is planning to the end of this year for the first time test launches, he hopes that it can help the company attract more investment.

“we will let you see what we can do it, then we will be looking for more investment.” He said, “I think investors for application is no longer interested in news, and although the idea crazy but it’s worth a try.”

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