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Internet makes almost all business need not through the agent as intermediary, but in the real estate industry, even if the agent to do nothing or do some unnecessary things, we still need to pay them a lot of cost. Startups Allre has a bold idea, is buying and selling houses to create a single platform, leading the real estate business into the new era. Now, after all, we dare to anything bought on the net, the house and why not?

used to be a real estate broker’s Kathy Dryden and Dave Mercer Allre co-founded in 2012. Dryden through previous work experience to realize that many customers – especially millennials — think of dealing with agent is a very troublesome thing, not to mention they could now from all kinds of such as median, Trulia, Redfin or Estately such services website to obtain the required information. In fact, they not basic in the whole process of the agent, but in order to complete the transaction, the seller still has to pay full fees (as a result, most sellers would indirectly, calculate the cost into the buyer have to pay the price).

at first glance, Allre seems to be For Sale By’s new style, but in fact is far more than that. Although this platform has given the seller lists the housing rights of information, but its actual effect is to allow you to complete the online trading process. You only have to list the basic housing information at first, and then you can add some pictures or video, and set some format for your trade terms (such as the title, the third party contract, etc.), so you can put it in the Internet.

Dryden said that one of the main factors hinder the direct sellers is that they don’t know how to pricing. In this case, Allre will provide them with a pricing tool. The tool will get data from surrounding the sale of housing prices in recent years, to provide reference to the seller. Although the seller has absolute control on prices, but buyers can also be used for pricing data.

only the identity of the buyer are verified, and the relevant after the bank to show proof of the loan approval in advance, they can search housing information on the website, and then agreed time online to see (or in the open house directly in the past, this also is can make an appointment on Allre).

once took a fancy to a set of house buyers, they will face three choices: use a key to third party applications Instabuy checkout; In terms of traditional price; Or online real time negotiations. Choose the first way means that the buyer is to accept all the terms and conditions of the seller, then the transaction is completed. Allre, founder of the Dryden compared this to eBay “buy now” – it’s just Allre handwriting for some of the major real estate transactions, and eBay is for you can use money to buy home furnishing articles. Traditional selection can not only offer buyers agree with sellers eventually offer (than price high or low is likely to be), and then enter the consultation process, also can choose to real-time guide negotiations, so that in the whole process of the transaction can be conducted on the Internet.

trading once completed, Allre will help the user to all through the rest of the process, so that before the deadline to finish all the work as smoothly as possible.

of course, sometimes need other parties in the process of trading and additional procedures, such as building inspection, this is obviously not online. In order to solve this problem, Dryden had to negotiate with a large number of real estate industry start characters, such as Allre has cooperation with the world’s largest instant communication company (although he is still not released cooperation company name). In order to help buyers to solve financial problems, it also and Prime Lending have cooperation. Allre have waited so long to release, because it will consider good, everything in detail.

no matter what the market wants to actually run on the platform, all need enough buyers and sellers, it can be a challenge for Allre. First of all, it was a minor celebrity between homeowners, second, it must overcome the buyers and sellers to comply with the inertia of the traditional real estate transaction process. Dryden, however, believe that MLSes have lost market. Now many real estate transaction has not been as conventional ‘way, many houses have been sold or even never appeared on the MLS (Allre and MLSes without any holidays).

now Allre want from such as mortgage loans, housing guarantee and security monitoring gain additional benefits and referral services. It will also be on site to make some money on advertising.

outspoken Dryden says about the present situation of the real estate industry, if buyers and sellers can online to complete such a big a deal, the two sides will feel happy. At present, formally opened to the public beta Allre.


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