Breather, find nearby for you can relax the mind of the “pure land”

Breather, one is designed to help users find near on-demand private space startups, announced $6.5 million in the first round of financing.

help people find the empty desk or office space are nothing new, but co-founder and CEO of Julien Smith stressed Breather provides sharing is far from the office space.

“I mean, the idea of sharing different fundamentally and office space, suggest that by the name of the company, less focus on productivity and focus is in the sharing of” breathing space “. In the space, you can get peace and quiet.” According to Smith, their room should be “the place where you can relax enough to take off your shoes”.

this idea comes from Julien their travel experience. He often busy work in different cities, and try in a coffee shop and a seat. , of course, most of the time they are help the busy, in the Nick of time, of course, the premise is, would you mind to put himself into uncomfortable seats, and with a hands-free call aloud bastard, you know, does not guarantee that every time was dressed.

Smith said Breather provides space management “of” the highest specification, share members can exchange of visits between potential space to each other, and refuse to the vast majority of them.

as for the space will be how to use, Smith said, “a broad sense, this for any kind of job is a productivity space, they are not just let sit and write a file report what you do, of course, to do this is very appropriate also.” In fact, Smith, said his members of the board of directors in the Breather in the meeting room.

by RRE ventures led series A investment let Breather total funds reached $7.5 million, participants and Vayner/RSE, Real vc, SOS venture capital and other investors. RRE Steve Schlafman described, for the first time to the service experience is experienced as a “perfect”, and he said, adding that the company “surprisingly discovered not only apply to business people and is suitable for freelancers, artists, actors and generally, travelers are looking for a quiet place.”

now in New York and Montreal have a Breather, and are rolling out in San Francisco. Smith said can see thousands of active users per month now, they stay 5 minutes at a time. Since its launch in March, Breather has been cautious on the initial growth, in the use of new money, they will be more active development plan.

“at the end of this round of financing, we will take every major market in the United States.” Smith said.


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