“Break curved door” reappearance “erase”, after apple this fall I feel very tired

in the days of autumn gradually thick, apple do not have the mood of the big company that leisurely, start with conference “in Chinese, biography”, apple’s a Bug on the recent headlines frequency is not low.

to paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s words, “in the first phase of the news can be fun as unlucky, but have go wrong, it is a kind of careless.”

from “easy turned gay” iPhone 6 Plus about

glamorous launched a new generation of the iPhone didn’t take long, has been “turned gay” – there are various cases shows that the iPhone Plus can be turned gay with his hands, and at the same time can also be speculated that wearing tight jeans, so domestic following paragraph on his shirt pocket is no longer a sure thing.

of course, the news came out after the analysis of all stripes also points out that the iPhone 6 Plus “easy turned gay” also is understandable, after all, in order to pursue further light, screen, the iPhone 6 Plus no iPhone before rim design, the hardness, there were some differences on the integrity, stability; At the same time it also don’t like old rival samsung Galaxy Note series, give priority to with plastic shell, so not easy to deformation. However, “break curved door” message comes out, the impact on the apple does not small, just think, if one is prepared to obtain a flat phone users see a frenzy of “iPhone 6 Plus easy turned gay” after the news, will make the choice of how?

and running even blackberry CEO has stirred a game of muddy water, John Chen in his new Passport conference also take the iPhone “easy turned gay” six Plus, such said their products “did not sit easily bend.” (have to say, when the apples also reduced to be the point of blackberry with, these things are not generally disastrous.)

“plate ZhuanMen” Bug influence upgrade

unfortunately, apple’s bad luck for a while haven’t go through, “break curved door” hasn’t come loose, the influence of the new “board ZhuanMen” again for apple to “reproduce bugs” stance back to media headlines – load upgrade iOS 8.0.1 friends, many are the cell phone up can’t make brick “apple”, while the iPhone 6, iPhone, Plus more of a “plate ZhuanMen” “high-risk groups”.

after the Bug was found, apple withdraw update quickly, and the day after released iOS 8.0.2 to fix problems caused by previous versions. But have the Bug also really is to make the existing iPhone users slightly nervous.

it can be said that the “break curved door”, or “plate ZhuanMen” separate, perhaps will not cause much impact to the image of the apple, of course “break curved door” will be more serious. But both before and after, plus “caton live during the conference, and the subsequent free push U2 album” forced “event, it is easy to suspicion, apple is too too well over the years, start to be less cautious.

“erase” how many times users also injured

the latest reports suggest that some users to use the old apple equipment after the upgrade iOS 8, sensory system speed some slow, therefore chose to reset all Settings. But unfortunately, after the reset, they found that the storage at up to Drive using apple editor suits written documents, such as the iWork have been erased.

the irony is that, over the reset Settings, iOS made it clear that all media and data will be retained.

so far, apple has not made any official and response.

pr strategy should be adjusted or

apple for its high positioning, high demand, also let users accustomed to high standards to measure the performance of apple. In apple’s “black Wednesday”, however, face the problem of burst, the apple is not just a failure to deal with, the response speed and strength is slightly lower than the public expected.

singer Jonathan Mann spoke a lot of people’s point of view “the apple engineers, we can understand your pain, also know you probably think I’m sorry for this – but this is apple, no! Who makes no mistakes should be! It!.”

over the years, apple’s pr strategy consistent is “silent”, or “no comment”. For a long time, the processing method will control the negative influence of media public opinion to the minimum – users favorability of products, product sales record report will not be because of the “no comment” attitude cause side effects. Today, however, this kind of unilateral “apple” best always closed mentality and treatment but also become a stumbling block to apple’s potential.

of course, we can’t as hell right said apple’s pr strategy. If only “break curved door”, that apple has always been the pr strategy may be able to work. Bug popped, various scene shooting video makes it impossible to deny the fact that “easy to break off the turn”; Apple can’t bureaucratic jargon said “it’s just a individual case” – that will attract more curious to try to break off the bend their mobile phone. At this time, don’t respond, may let the event to the dust settles quickly.

however ZhuanMen “plate” is another case. Apple can’t tell the user “embarrassed, you shouldn’t receive push and update”, while apple any response, response “apple iOS 8.0.1 error”, “apple acknowledged that the latest iOS update problems” and so on media reports also be broken all over the sky. Such a crisis public relations, however, is unlikely to win back the user’s trust and respect.

in fact, apple did not look too beautiful – continue to “silent strategy”, only is urgent to launch remedial version update, finally to apologize until Thursday.

the Apple Maps out the problem, the cook is also a belated apology, and fired the director in charge of unwilling to admit. When the cook is successful, controversy subsided, its reason, it is because the apple processing method is put consumers in view of the location of the peer.

this time, if can cook faster response and apology, apple the adverse impact of the “black Wednesday” may be less points.


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