Bread travel won the $50 million investment such as tencent, join tourism BAT

baidu holdings “go”, although after has been losing money, but its market share is growing. Ali have independent brand “to”, after 2.8 billion in groundmass and holds a 15% stake, launched a “treasure” of tourism, has strategic investments in hk, and tips on the road.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, tencent had invested in elong, with cheng, but in recent years, elong has been, and elong and the process is standardized products. Bread travel emphasizes its product is standardized, laminating the present tourism trends. So, on December 20, bread travel announced $50 million C round of financing, led by tecent, broadband capital, fidelity risk investment on both sides and in Asia. Strong social relationships of tencent how to use the bread to travel, strong structured data form online travel BAT tripartite supremacy.

bread travel is Beijing road, topaz optimal dispatch of the science and technology co., LTD., launched in May 2012, a simple and practical in view of the tourism travel mobile applications, can travel to record, share the dribs and drabs in journey. Don’t need to come back after finishing photo, is the most convenient to write travel notes in the memory, you can at any time using a mobile phone on the road record moment, recording travel routes. At the end of the trip, wonderful travel will be automatically generated for you. Can also through social networks will share out, travel and more friends to share your experience.

after the bread won A perilous peak angel investment trip, auspicious peak A round of investment capital and broadband B round of investment. C round of funding will be used in the technical team enrollment expansion and expanding more overseas destination. Bread travel is more than 30 million active users, of which 70% were iOS users. Bread travel was inspired by the two children in the Grimm’s fairy tales, they through the “bread crumbs to find our way home. Travel in April, the bread to buy landscape international travel service, from content to share to sales experience to build commercial closed-loop, introduced “freedom” in Thailand in July schedule planning tool, structured and tools will be content.

bread travel CEO Peng Tao travel development is divided into three stages: the bread is the first stage record sharing tools. The second stage is information tools. The third stage is the trading platform, through the destination travel products is bound to the structured POI, at the same time, the user can do plan complete scheduled travel products. “Bread now travel to complete the first two stages of accumulation, to enter the third stage.” Peng Tao said that important events at this stage was launched in August 2014 brands of Thailand free App, it can help users use of fragmented time complete booking travel products and social relations. In addition, users can also through the line free App in Thailand trip continues to get help.

Peng Tao said, users usually found in a search and recommend travel products. Bread travel to find a third way, that is, find travel products through social scene. “Bread travel there are a lot of quality tourism travel posts, if someone share travel information, circle of friends and location, can be grafted bread travel information, together with each other a friend’s recommendation, you can get a higher probability of success a lot, requirements can be satisfied”. Can also be when discussion between friends go to a place, sharing the destination images, system will text or image links to bread travel related content, prompt the user to travel decision-making fall to the ground. This is the bread travel and tencent the root cause of the marriage.

Peng Tao convective cloud network says, bread is a technology driven company, the largest value is also technology. Travel next, bread will be applied to image recognition technology, is still focused on structured content and data mining, information has become more efficient. Peng Tao mentioned, their image recognition technology and the joint development of the Chinese academy of sciences, is tested recognition rate above 99%, according to the color of skin can distinguish the Asian people, for example, dining-room decorate style determine what style or tea. If you often watch, you will find a lot of the time we wrote more is feeling at the time, if the bread can travel is to identify the location on the beach, some in the surf, so these images are more “tag”, when we are in the retrieval can appear these valuable results.

where baidu, ali go ah, tencent elong and lift force is insufficient, therefore, eat bread strong structured data to travel, challenge the game again, the three of BAT. On QQ, after WeChat, bread to travel to play what kind of power, will rewrite online travel pattern, hunting cloud network accompany you look to eat the dumpling.

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