Brainstorm: the crowdsourcing model used clothing on social networking sites


Quirky is a creative product community and e-commerce sites in the United States, the method of crowdsourcing, let the community to participate in the whole process of product development. Hunting cloud network to introduce the ideas is to apply the crowdsourcing model to clothing, from creative the raise, designers, audit, user polls, pre-sales, sample production to mass production of form a complete closed loop.

creativity the raise:

upload step is divided into four steps: the upload process is simple, there are pictures assisted selection, less input box, not too professional problem, need is a professional fashion designers can finish uploading. Each user can only be free inside 5 days to submit one work, pay, you can submit more

designer review:

considering the painting is not the most users have some skills, so they have special designer and illustrator sketches for the user to restore delicate effect, makes the design and material is very close, so that we can make the user more intuitive appreciation of design.

users vote:

every upload design has a vote to discuss the time limits, vote can be discussed within the given time. Because voting made sales work will also get dividends in the future, in order to avoid users follow suit to vote, the vote is not displayed in the works of the page, can only see the end of the time. In order to avoid the user a wide range of vote, the vote count limit 5 for each user, only cancel has thrown a work, or it may have thrown a work after the deadline, to cast new works.

product evaluation:

the vote count is high, the high heat to discuss work, we will first evaluate the producibility of the works, if it can produce, we will have a corresponding season planned production time.

production sales:

a garment 50 people vote even by one of our decades of experience a tailor in their houses to sample production, product photography, image processing, online (taobao, alibaba, website mall) and offline (wholesale, retail entity) for sale. For some special popular style will keep certain inventory. And production process is done by him brainstorm, the company is located in shenzhen, raw material and labor are not needed by the garment.

of course, it has its own into mechanism and ideas will bring out 20% of sales to design users and vote, the design with a 70% share voting users receive a 30% (be honorable mention). We to share out bonus of “sales”, rather than to share out bonus of “profit”, in order to make the user more intuitive understanding to their own situation of share out bonus, more trust in the system of share out bonus. And high amount of share out bonus, share out bonus persistent, as long as the products have been sold, each selling a dividend; The design of the user can share to more people, become a physical and gives users a sense of achievement.

small brand of independent research and development ability is limited, most of the time can only put on a strong network of recent product change, batch production come out in the contract. More some merchants directly choose making knockoffs, pretend to be other brands. Homogeneity is not limited to the product itself, directly facing the consumer’s web page is the same, basic no special care of the characteristics of the consumer oneself experience. And network support original design ideas, according to the characteristics of their own experience from the consumer, just have solved the problem of homogeneity.

brainstorming discussion from voting work actually has done to the user in the first round of publicity and marketing, by the number of booking can predict the number of mass production. Similar ZARA mode of fast fashion, “many styles, small batch”. This also reduces the inventory risk. Users to promote their own design, will have the power to share to their friends, will also actively to promote to improve sales, get more returns. You can imagine the user’s own opened a shop, to sell their products. When accumulated to a certain active users, and reaches a certain conversion, can form a positive cycle, because sales go up, the amount of share out bonus, users will get more returns, attracting more and more users.

brainstorming is launched in April 14th. The team is currently a total of eight people, a programmer, two designers, an illustrator, a tailor, one of the founders Li Yan bo is a master of mathematics at Oxford University, Oxford University, vice President of Chinese students. Another is the British imperial college master Wang Ying sichuan department of electronic engineering.

on the run, hunting cloud network suggest ideas can cooperate with school of art, a fashion design competition. As for non-artistic institute, a runway may be able to achieve very good effect, the author non-artistic graduated from college, but likes to fashion design, a website is this kind of person we need.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, costume design is only the first station of brainstorming network, more and more users understand that join this pattern, brainstorm more industry crowdsourcing can take advantage of this mode, let every one can in brainstorming to realize their own value.



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