Bo Pai subsidy: high-end car ownership, segment the door car maintenance O2O double line

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in urban life, pay attention to the quality of life, the time cost of high demand is not a few. So that this group have their own car, at the same time is also very pay attention to the maintenance and the maintenance of the car, so, for the owners to provide door-to-door car maintenance service is particularly important.

in addition, there will always be friends complain about their subsidy spot, traffic jam, 4 s shop and maintenance price is not reasonable, information opaque, etc. Hope to have a simple, transparent, comfortable service.

due to the understanding of the Internet in a timely, accurate, lucky big bo Pai of creation, is the first in Beijing to maintain brand, is also the first domestic high-end brand automobile door maintenance.

service product differentiation, is one of the core product development. Bo Pai E launched 45 minutes fast car ownership, in product mode and service mode are challenging to maintain industry. Relatively similar, Latin, e maintenance, its advantage lies in: in addition to providing traditional maintenance (bo Pai e), private cars also for high-end models specifically introduced Pai provide more professional service brand.

bo Pai development two major brands, the first is the bo Pai e, concentrate on creating rapid maintenance, no maintenance more than 45 minutes to complete, can be free. While the second series of brand – bo Pai, focuses on the vertical niche brand high-end car maintenance, building as needed to maintain, promoting life-long maintenance plan, to provide customers with a full range of maintenance solution. Also with the advanced IT systems, instant push vehicle check-up report to the owner, 2 years maintenance plan, the whole life cycle maintenance record.

create a high-end vertical market segments, it is easier to grasp the user needs, the service to do fine, do fine, main customization and maintenance, stewards for owners to provide personalized service.

bo Pai technicians from all 4 s shops, such as BMW, mercedes-benz and audi, and 5-10 years work experience, and more professional, more reliable.

after the car market development today can be roughly divided into three stages, one is the 4 s shop, early specification of auto after market played a role, but its high cost, information opaque popular consumer criticism; Second, chain operation stage, outside of the 4 s shop provides a new choice for the consumer, but has struggled to gain the trust of consumers. The third stage is the door maintenance stage, by means of the mobile Internet experience O2O closed-loop integration, solved the first two stages of consumer pain points, for the owner to build the best user experience.

in-use vehicle attitude, on one hand they pursue perfection service experience, but also because of the Internet thinking deeply and the evolution of consumption idea, more the pursuit of efficient and cost-effective. Bo Pai brand in order to lower the maintenance cost, not only in-depth cooperation with major auto parts manufacturers to reduce procurement cost, at the same time, because the traditional cuts auto makers profit, dealers and stores operating costs, make the overall cost has been effectively controlled, thus have upset the price system of 4 s shops, can let the consumer with an average of 40% less than traditional maintenance cost for the exclusive on-site maintenance services.

bo Pai currently only launched the first stage of the product, the next step will gradually rich product line, the construction entity shop, expansion of cities. At the same time, “with the fastest speed, training excellent technicians, conform to the requirements of the two-way high demands on the professional and skills, cultivating and training. This is difficult, but also have to attack the problem, “lucky big convective cloud network said.

at the beginning of 2014, bo Pai has ended millions A round of funding, B round is nervous.

bo Pai
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