Blue shop: from the Courier transceiver, build community O2O whole life

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at present, community life O2O time become a hot topic, around the community O2O start-ups is also emerge in endlessly. Such as community, “close enough” super O2O solutions, shopping malls O2O “cool cat”, also known as “ding dong village” and so on, but because of regional culture and different living habits, localization O2O mode and don’t form the dominance, everyone is still in the exploratory stage, it also gives others more entrepreneurial opportunities.

this August launch of “blue shop” is also aimed at community O2O market. Unlike other similar classes of entrepreneurial projects, blue shop choose Courier transceiver h&z, then extends to the blue shop merchants O2O online platform and light blue shop logistics, blue shop’s goal is to build community O2O closed-loop whole life. HongZhenYe founder, is in the business of express generation transceiver in college was inspired, repositioning community life O2O “blue shop” arises at the historic moment.

in HongZhenYe view, express “the last kilometer” is the hardest problem to solve, this concept is called for three or four years, is still up in the air, the blue shop in addition to “the last kilometer” solutions, most consider is how combines convenience stores and express delivery industry to achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win ecosystem community. HongZhenYe thinks, “community convenience store group has high consistency with online shoppers, provided the possibility for the intersection of two industries, and the emergence of blue shop will provide the convenience store industry realize the vertical depth, increase profit points.”

at present, blue shop to humanized third-party Courier receiving platform for the main business. Blue shop choose establish cooperation with express company, using a custom solution, when the Courier sent to blue after shop outlets, community users can take delivery or reservation buffet. So, blue shop from Courier company to the community of users of this link, greatly optimize the delivery end problems; Second blue shop by shop outlets development future user community, through the establishment of community of users express business contacts, enhance the social recognition of blue shop. According to hunt cloud network understanding, blue shop will not set up offline experience shop, blue shop can be simply interpreted as a “cloud shop” service.

blue shop network user groups for community convenience store. The blue shop business scope mainly in xiamen area. According to relevant data shows, convenience stores more than 3000 in xiamen, is relatively competitive. HongZhenYe thinks, convenience store covers more than 90% of community groups, can realize most of the regional distribution coverage at the end.

based on the above data analysis, blue shop to shop to specially developed for the client. In the mobile client can realize webcam express barcode, record Courier number; Immediately after receiving express records, SMS notification recipient, take a walking update express state, establish contact with the back-end data at any time, to complete a charge can produce income; And blue stores can implement multi-platform synchronization, PC directly using the web side, free download directly use, blue shop also developed for no network user penetration of IOS and Android client.

in addition, blue shop for express customized solutions, according to different markets and pattern of express companies with terminal services. As per piece pricing, the monthly billing paid the express accept solution; Single receipt, Posting and other exclusive customized solutions, in short, blue shop might to express the model of the company and its market group, custom fit for Courier service at the end.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the next stage light blue shop will do community O2O and blue shop logistics business, two O2O closed-loop thus creating community life. Blue shop will all generation transceiver node onto the platform, whether it is a convenience store, laundry room, pharmacy will enter the platform, consumers can get around by blue shop merchants resources; Light blue shop city logistics is focused on distribution service, with the aid of physical locations as warehousing, implementation without self-built warehousing, distribution of full digital circuits, complete the “half an hour to efficient distribution services.

HongZhenYe finally convective cloud network said, “to a certain area of the site provided free of charge to the Courier company to use for a period of time, and continuously explore the rationality of the model in the pilot test the use of the system, through the success of the pilot for the next comprehensive cooperation; The blue shop will be a comprehensive layout xiamen and recruiting ground promotion, product development, channel development and other related personnel, to provide more working capital.”

blue shopCompany: xiamen blue information technology co., LTD.

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