Blue cross culture: do for women to look at “never expected”

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good content not sorrow users, video homemade drama “never expected”, “the outbreak comics have been relatively successful. Ordinary users accustomed to online entertainment consumption, mobile terminal but also accelerate the fragmentation of the popularity of video.

to xiao said, “logic” and so on, mainly show homemade play more user requirement is to meet men, but the proportion of men and women on Internet market is about 54.8:45.2. That is to say, most of the women network program is not relative to meet demand. Shanghai blue cross culture founding team saw the demand gap. They want to copy the class “never expected” video mode for women.

so why are they doing it

news department, ting-ting lu graduated from zhejiang university in the United States, a former American President assistant vantone investment holding group, was established on the joint influence of southern California’s largest incubator Plusyoou and served as director of marketing. 13 after returning to China in early founded Shanghai blue cross investment consulting company, engaged in the investment and financing of the new media and culture company mergers and acquisitions, shadow gauge products, such as domestic overseas published work.

“domestic video industry has matured, but the program is still a lot of poorly micro movie long” evil slightly tide “instead of its brilliance, lower the position of the industry in people’s minds.” Ting-ting lu told cloud network hunting, if not most women video programs do advertising is doing, we do not have the opportunity to try new forms.

now ting-ting lu’s “the night secret language” has been done on youku 5, online click on the first breakthrough in millions, since November 19 shows online, up to 7 million hits. Youku recommend this show is A level of intensity.

the market feedback how

the late honey language “is a for 15 ~ 25, 90 women as the main body of the network interactive growth after the talk show. But it is interesting to note that ting-ting lu told hunting cloud network, although the location is female users, but due to the properties of youku platform, combined with the program. Secret language in the middle of the night to watch the user group of 30% – 40% of the male audience. After the video, there have been many products for women seek to look for cooperation, the current mobile end cooperation with pomelo and American secret language in the middle of the night, maccha beauty makeup, seconds, and the traditional carmakers dongfeng group.

not a product to farmland, women have to segment video. Ting-ting lu team video programs, planning the future 5 women have the goddess of beauty makeup columns show the shu chan luca brasi club); High-end women entrepreneurs live flesh of interview; The beauty of football talk show “the big star”; Super humor emotional drama to the “love me, are you afraid of?”; There is a single tourism reality TV show “a man”.

ting-ting lu for the cross positioning is: focus on mining female video content and distribution of homemade play Internet company. In addition to the video, their future is also considering a female community class APP product code APP, in the middle of the night but still early focus on a video terminal.

the content of the team director Wu Yu is beauty writers after 80, in 2013 to join the light media, hosted the best live entertainment scene “, etc. Operations director xu is a former IPCN international media COO, which contributed to include China’s got talent, China good voice, such as more than 30 show model overseas copyright import and Chinese version of the program. The team has won the eagle capital millions of angel investment funds and thunderstorm.

the middle of the night magic wordCompany: Shanghai blue cross culture communication co., LTD.

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