BloomNation, flower market move to mobile phones

BloomNation is a start-up company, the company on the Internet for florists and flower designers provide a business platform, the equivalent of an online flower shop. Recently BloomNation ended the first round of financing, for about $5.55 million. This round of funding is by Capital Partners, A company (before) in Andreessen Horowitz company of Ronny Conway, his seed investor in BloomNation saw hope. They are to start the project invested $1.65 million last year.

others involved in the first round of financing with Andreessen Horowitz (of the company’s Chris Dixon launched seed-stage investment), the Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures, Mucker Capital and CrunchFund.

BloomNation was founded in 2011, the founder of money (some of them come from poker tournament win) was established, BloomNation in-depth market is basically a SaaS platform. For the florist, the website provides a range of services to choose from, including a similar Squarespace website builder, similar to the Square ‘s sales site, and inventory, management tools for customers, marketing type email, can attract the customers order location are introduced a series of projects, and more.

since the site launched, the United States registered more than 3000 flower shop, this already cover 97% of the us, with 30% flower shop customers are studio designer, that is to say, they are the traditional mode of operation and are custom services. BloomNation now mainly targeting on these customers, it will invite them to participate in new market area in the middle of 2015, namely demand in those who have the wedding celebration or a part of the customer.

according to chief executive Farbod Shoraka revealed himself, BloomNation now turnover increased by 15%, 30% from the previous month, and in 10 million to $10 million in operating ratio positions, the average turnover of $85 each order, it is to be calculated on the basis of about 120000 transactions. There are, of course, each industry competition, flower industry is no exception, and particularly fierce, the site’s rivals have 1800 Flowers, FTD and Teleflora well-known enterprise. “But registered BloomNation, local florist can be” flower news agency “service to maintain its business volume of sales, they can serve large sales company, it has a sense of pride.” Shoraka explained.

BloomNation goal is not to let the flowers for consumers to reduce the cost, although one of the distinctive features of the website is to provide the price lower bouquet of flowers, but they still have some varieties are very expensive. Shoraka think that the real goal is “customers spend much money on the flowers, and won’t because stores various reasons in the lost”.

a new round of funding will be used to expand BloomNation team currently 15 people, including some salesman, engineers and the personnel of the service. The company also developed a user-oriented mobile applications to support mobile phone orders. (now only florist can use BloomNation application to track the logistics and through a tool called BloomSnap photo upload store all kinds of work.) And related celebration and wedding part of mobile applications, will be out next year. As to the platform, BloomNation also raised to improve to introduce function, in a more in-depth analysis.

in the long run, the enterprise can succeed could be the flower industry has expanded from overall influence on local business, Shoraka admit that this is the team concept: “this is a big picture for us, but at the same time we still remains the focus on the flowers.”



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