“Blockbuster” the father of the Android Andy rubin from Google

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Google announced that its Google robot head Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) officially from Google’s departure. As Android co-founder, the world’s largest mobile operating system, “the father of the” rubin left Google news is not surprising.

last march, and other arrangements. The change caused quite a stir, or even fall from grace, rubin route within Google struggle has created Android out on their own. After the media has been concerned about rubin’s trend, but few messages.

in the “hidden” nearly 10 months later, the New York times reported, rubin is responsible for developing Google robot project. Although at present the project is in development process, but Google says it will in the next decade actively promote the development of robot project. It is reported, Google robot is not used in consumer electronics, this magical robot in the future the main developing direction is used in the assembly of electronic components and electronic equipment sales.

so far, from Business Week and the Google books, he believed that have pointed out that rubin’s character let its inside Google has come in for many employees and leadership. Today’s news, it seems that proved the rubin in Google company internal predicament.

it is understood that the rubin after departure, would create a focus on hardware projects business incubator. Another Google robot team member James Kuffner, will replace rubin’s position.

in the face of rubin’s departure, gave his blessing page: “with Android, he created a shocked the world of products, make billions of users to enjoy them. We always thank you!”

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