Blackberry painfully continue to mobile phones, is to get to the QNX

in 2006, you may see the reports that the blackberry in order to save the business, will introduce a modern smartphones, it’s a really exciting new strategy… Now, it seems, it’s like a joke, but blackberry launched in December for the Classic Q20 phone is still serious.

the CEO John Chen blog in the company, hope can attract the attention of the blackberry diehard. He wrote: “Classic can be one of the Classic blackberry, of your memory that makes you a better blackberry, and it’s better than ever.” They really need to do better. And in need of a breakthrough for ever.

next month is John Chen took over the blackberry CEO a year. During this period, his most striking achievement is released a strange smartphone, a device, and the expansion of the BBM communication platform. In addition, the blackberry to avoid the large loss of enterprise users (or have had some success). And mortgages the real estate assets allow blackberry to restart the game.

it is clear that the regression involves a blackberry in the true sense of return, that makes the blackberry household characteristics: elaborate design of the keyboard, for the palm and the appearance of pockets to carry. In this era advocating screen the bigger the good smartphones, such a move is really a bit strange.

restoring ancient ways but maybe this is not so crazy as it seems. Because the production people want to be a mobile phone is not a purpose.

in fact, this is just a beginning.

this week Kim Kardashian recorded her feelings for blackberry. John Chen hope that she is not the only one for the blackberry the heart of love. He writes: innovation is not to boast about what kind of work did, update something. Innovation is, in fact, to take effective measures, and make it better.

what makes blackberry Bold series and the Curve of success? They fit their appearance, and carefully designed a physical keyboard. Blackberry fans can look forward to the death of the Q20 regression physical keyboard, rather like a Passport in cramped layout in a keyboard. And Q20 again back on the touchpad, this thing on the phone recently abandoned. According to John Chen, Classic will also have a larger, more clear, and the application of the growing list of display screen.

John Chen in “back to the future” high-profile recalls the glory days of blackberry as a smartphone manufacturers. But when the iPhone was born in 2007, Android is through the phone came out in 2008, the blackberry the end of the day.

the production of a series of suffered defeat: such as Storm touch screen mobile phone, the Playbook tablet, Torch sliding touch-screen keyboard mixed cell phone. In respect of software, the fans for blackberry refurbished QNX software waiting for two years. Blackberry insist on using this based on the Unix operating system, hoping to help the old system against the iOS and Android. But when the blackberry 2013 launch Z10 and Q10 and finally into smart door, the window of opportunity has closed.

these failures are not happened in John Chen, you can put the blame on former bosses Thorsten Heins and Mike Balsillie. But the CEO is still trying to explain the situation. “People’s taste is changing, the rapid growth of mobile market in order to change and change, imitation fashion industry standard collocation, like a kitchen sink, trying to become a universal tool to meet all requirements.” John Chen as sarcastically.

the blackberry situation is not good, it is now behind the Windows Phone, sitting on the fourth place in the world smartphone operating system. Its latest smartphone, boxy Passport, also appears some fans, but still got mixed reviews evaluation, also will not let the blackberry out of fear of long-term operation.

but QNX makes it all possible.

on December 2013 earnings call John Chen said: “the pearl on the crown of QNX is absolutely. Every time when I am here, our partners and customers are called me and told me that they really want to use QNX office. Our plan is to continue to invest in the system and growth. It would also make other vertical integration work. We did a good job in the automobile vertical integration, we will continue to work hard, but we also will be looking for similar vertical expanding their business. And, we will establish a cloud platform. It will be a machine for the architecture of the machine.”

when it comes to cars, Google and apple are in the pursuit of system connected to the car. The architecture of Android Auto, the latter adopts CarPlay. In fact, apple has been adopted in its CarPlay entertainment system QNX architecture. Ford also reportedly tried to do the same synchronization platform.

the blackberry in 2010 with the technology of QNX. Especially suitable for the safety and link system to the mobile gadgets. Over the years, almost everyone wants everything even on a mobile phone. Including smart watches, only houses, fitness equipment, and of course television. According to ZDNet’s report, there are about 40 car companies have started to work with it.

QNX plays an important role in the so-called Internet of things. Won salvation which makes the blackberry, and it only needs to live longer, let things become a reality.

not long ago, the world discovered another “secret” Kim Kardashian: she is a blackberry. The reality TV star in Code meeting to talk about her blockbuster game on mobile phones. And in the process to throw out a lot of you never hear praise of the blackberry.

“I am afraid of the blackberry will end”, the celebrity in the Recode conference to science and technology reporter Kara Swisher said, “my mission is to prevent the blackberry perish.”

Kardashian probably won’t really opened her purse diamonds, buy their own blackberry company, although she jokingly says, but each a little help is important. Especially from such a pop idol and phenomenon with the help of the characters, and public figures Kanye West wife’s support.

of course, this little speech may be an accident, especially in this highly social media in the management of social celebrities. Kardashian did not deny is for blackberry company pay. Actually when Swisher asked her if she does the company pay for her comments, Kardashian gave a shy reaction. After she said: “I think I should make a phone call to the blackberry pay?

at the same time, the blackberry on the New York post a response to also did not deny anything that we are very glad to have such a loyal and enthusiastic fan.

but if Kardashian for blackberry advantage: for example, a agitation restoring ancient ways, or nostalgia: time to stagnate. The blackberry Classic hardware will naturally and collection of the flat. If Kardashian or anyone else can blackberry labeled “cool retro small tool”, not “pathetic for recycling waste” label, blackberry may have more confidence through this period of recovery times. After all, the mobile phone is a status symbol.

the blackberry doesn’t need a big sell. It just needs a product to earned enough money, in return for a time, allow companies to hold to its real goals: QNX platform.

“we are committed to win the favour of you,” John Chen wrote on his blog: “in other words, to win back in those days. “For Classic is not simply trying to revisit the blackberry old achievements, become popular smartphone makers (at least not entirely). This is the use of the past, lay the foundation for the future, which goes far beyond the meaning of the phone itself.



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