Bilibili founder ray: quick losses with taxi why anyone willing to invest?

cloud network hunting on September 23
Bilibili co-founder, angel investors, ray said recently, due to the intervention of the Internet, people pay for information cost greatly reduced, which is why a taxi software like fast taxi has been losing money, but there are still a lot of people to invest.

ray at the scene of the class, oneself go out now leave the four mobile APP, the first one is a map, the second is ctrip, the third is the public comments, the fourth is quick take a taxi. “Everyone knows that a taxi quickly left $one hundred million last year, is still at a loss, why there are so many people are willing to invest?”

ray think this is because the fast taxi drivers and passengers directly connected together, and improve the efficiency of information transfer, so a tiny change, will quickly upended and collapse of an industry. Internet essence is to improve the efficiency of information transfer, as a tiny parameter is improved 10000 times, great changes will occur. So even if a taxi fast also at a loss, but there are still a lot of people queuing up to investment.

“before we pay the cost of a chunk is pay for the information is not symmetrical, but now due to the intervention of the Internet, will make us less information to pay for the cost, so as to benefit the service provider directly. So is the trend of the Internet in the future each individual server can find their customer service, it is a constant process of thin, thin per dozen once, collapse of an industry. The logic of the taobao business architecture.”

as fast taxi investors before alibaba also publicly disclosed that the original investment quick take a taxi because from it seen the shadow of the taobao in those days, both of them through technical and operational cultivating market from scratch, from the bottom to help a traditional industry informatization and electronization. “This process can be very long, also will encounter various difficulties, but it is the imagination of space is very large, we have enough patience to wait.”

now, quick take a taxi has grown into the largest software with taxi. , according to analysys international latest figures show that as of today the second quarter, quick take a taxi in a taxi in the domestic software market occupy 53.57% of the market, the industry first. Although has become the industry leader, fast taxi ambitions beyond that.

last December, a taxi fast acquisition of bumblebee taxi industry ranked third, to enter the business car market. In July, push fast taxi announced officially launched the needle in the high-end user’s car brand “number one car”.

the personage inside course of study, according to the analysis from the perspective of service, a taxi software through in-depth development, the future will be the car entrance, to provide users with multimode travel service, a taxi the further development of software market present situation. For “number one car”, fast taxi industry in a taxi software market position, will become the future in the domestic business car one of the biggest advantage in market competition.

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