Big data to death, you hard to imagine the final winner

are you still don’t understand Hive, Spark, Pig of these programming languages and scratching their heads? Don’t worry, a competition is making complex big data technologies such as Hadoop can more easily used by nonprofessional users, you can also enjoy extra benefits it makes you rich.

yes, is you.

a few years ago, Cowen& Co., a former analyst Peter Goldmacher said in a research briefing, “after all, the more you close to the big data technology end users, the greater your reward.” He thinks, in a world of big data, the biggest winner is not the supplier of this technology, but those who will use it to create new industries or collapse of traditional business company.

over time from day to day, Goldmacher in 2012 to forecast is more and more correct. The builders of the large data base should be praised, but are those who profit the most closest relationship with the technical marketing and sales experts, and these people probably don’t know how to from a pivot table for parallel computing.

provides solutions rather than technology

we have seen this kind of practice in some companies, such as John Deere, they use Hadoop and no database technology developed a very powerful data oriented applications. When silicon valley also himself as the center of the universe, and that the wider world outside is used his big data in the most useful place.

we did not be surprised if this is not the case. As Goldmacher written, it is always suitable for science and technology: as said before, if we look back at the history of enterprise resource planning, more than two hundreds of the company was founded, in the standard business process automation in the process of capital accumulation. This means that investors in 1990, less than 0.5% of the possibility to choose SAP or former as the final winner. However, if the investors in the 1990 years for the Dow’s 30 began to shares in the company, the enterprise resource planning that he can reduce 35% of the general cost and management cost, and five times the increase in the income, through large-scale automated production value of nearly eight times will also increase.

of course, big data infrastructure service providers will also reap, such as Cloudera. Cloudera’s market value has reached billions of dollars, some other companies, such as DataStax and mongo, market has more than $1.

but most to gain from the company’s software is not their own, for the following reasons:

most of the big data technology is an open resource, this means that everyone can use it, it is difficult to profit.

the principal users of technology is in the development of the company such as Hadoop, these companies to promote technology use is very important, but they are not willing to spend money.

closer relation with consumer companies and capital relatively plenty of companies are more likely to use big data to make a profit.

according to the first reason, co-founder of Cloudera Mike Olson thinks, “you can’t rely on closed resource platform to be successful, you can’t just open resources to build a successful company.” This makes suppliers combine ownership and open source licensing, to maximize the benefits, but those at the top of the industry the company do not have to worry about this situation.

the winner is…

it is obvious that they are application (specific) service providers, they do not show the end user technology complexity, for they provide service charge. Co-founder of Workday Aneel Bhusri began several years ago the idea.

McKinsey & amp; Co., details the big data on the influence of different industries:

these companies including I mentioned earlier, John Deeres, but on the skills of the more mainstream, who will win?

the answer is the most hides product complexity, can let users easy operation of the company.

, for example, Microsoft fits this pattern. What did he do to Azure of machine learning. Azure machine learning is expected to eliminate almost all “in first cost related to production, development and extension of machine learning methods part”, and “visual workflow and pioneering template can make general machine learning task simpler”.

although there are many places can be picky Microsoft (I often to find faults with it), but it is the difficulty in reducing complex calculation of this aspect to do more than any other company. Windows, Visual Studio, there are many other technology make it possible to mainstream system administrators and developers creativity, Azure machine learning to follow the science and technology.

geek disappeared!

however, we need to further consideration. After all, although big data for developers and system administrators have been good, but the real problem is that to let the data easier to use to ordinary people like you and me, Wikibon analyst Dave Vellante had the idea of the following:

business intelligence has created a analyst, but it has not become the mainstream. We hope that big data can become mainstream.

there was a look is very suitable for the company to do this is Adobe. Adobe has very creative career, a few years ago for Omniture takeover makes Adobe steadily across into the big data world, but it is more focused on help marketing expert for potential customers.

the key to managing big data is not huge amount of data, more is about the data source and data types. For a company like Adobe, in order to make marketing experts according to the advertisement, charts, etc in a very short time to make a decision, it should be gathered and analyzed from social media, cash receipts, and so on all kinds of information to understand customer behavior.

the weeds the

Microsoft and Adobe is just big data may be the winner of the two examples, of course, there are plenty of other companies could stand out, hope here with your company.

in order to achieve this goal, we need to stop the useless things in big data technology study, instead to focus on them can create business value. This value can be transmitted by the application we use, will not disappear.

Olson told Dirk has Slama of Bosch in an interview, he and a lot of people who just big data as talked, he thought, “these people work is not the ideal partner, because they fundamentally not business problem oriented”. The real winners are those who focus on big data era people solve real business problems.



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