Bettir, using a mobile phone can real-time monitor blood pressure

smart bracelets became popular in recent years, wear on the hand, already beautiful can record health information between different products but the price difference is big, single function and too homogeneous. Actually besides intelligence bracelet, mobile health applications can also be responsible for management of the ears. Bettir is a health with the function of recording and detection applications.

a person within a year may only go to doctor for the blood pressure check, once or twice in the waiting room sat down nearby, the surrounding environment is very easy, nurses can help in the arm the black Velcro tied to measure blood pressure, and then began to check. Check may simply be the result of the blood pressure slightly on the high side, there is no big deal. However, when you realize you are in high pressure environment and have high blood pressure, you may have been suffering from a stroke.

Bettir, chief executive of the thought, to see two times a year, the doctor does not really understand a person’s blood pressure. He and Mike Chen, David Merriman, Ben Godlove, Novak and Michael Rubin, a co-founder of wu founded the Bettir. Five of them in oberlin college friends and discussing the idea of founded the company, with some health survey, they developed Bettir applications. Today, Bettir has won the support of Y Combinator, ready to launch the application.

it is reported, they first consider do something related to health, and tests on the blood pressure are mentioned in the discussion. Mike Chen when doing research with another joint founder realised that they have high blood pressure. Of course they are not alone, according to the CDC (centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), the data show that about one third of americans suffer from high blood pressure. That is to say, one in 10 americans have occult blood pressure. This is just what the opening show of the scene, a person in the hospital looks very normal, but under the stress environment will spike in blood pressure and cause serious problems, while engaged in work or in a high pressure environment of young men are usually easy to appear this kind of problem.

Bettir goal is to help people to find out whether there is a spike in blood pressure of their own or occult blood pressure problems, the application can work during the day, and can be all-weather detection at a certain time.

Bettir to offer some data for the user not only can serve as reference to see the doctor when go to a doctor, it will also hired a group of experts to help diagnose and provide treatment, it feels like when using side there are a lot of doctors discuss blood pressure problems together with you.

Bettir requires the user to use for the first time to make an appointment for a doctor, then asks the user whether to have a blood pressure cuff. If the user does not have blood pressure, it will recommend a few sphygmomanometer. The user can choose cheaper sphygmomanometer and manually enter their blood pressure after the measurement information, also can choose a few prices more expensive bluetooth sphygmomanometer, the device can automatically to Bettir upload and track the user’s blood pressure information.

the above said most of the medical equipment can be found in the local drugstore or buy on the net, Bettir does not sell the medical equipment. Its developers actually there is no clear profit plan, the application is available free on the App Store, it provides access to doctors service has yet to charge. Bettir several co-founder have discussed includes ordering plan and selling devices such as different profit mentality, but has not yet been determined specific profit model.

Bettir team at first when planning public funding, but at the moment, if you don’t consider the investment of YC, basically Bettir is given priority to with their own money. Six joint founder of a great help to Bettir early career success. Such as Mike Chen had participated in the NASA make 3 d printers Made for astronauts in Space project.

Bettir plan in the future to expand beyond blood pressure tracking field, but at the moment, it will focus on the health field. Bettir Godlove said: “the future will be integrated into the artificial intelligence and machine learning to replace the real doctor. But the technology cannot reach 100% accurate, we are now to the code of trust also far less faith in the doctor, this is the digital health company made big mistake.”

if users communicate with their doctors more comfortable than communicate with Bettir provide doctors, Bettir can also generate Health report for them, the user can import apple’s Health Kit. To find out which doctors or how to use Bettir is not important, because Bettir real purpose is to help people find timely health problems.


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