Betaworks launch screen sharing applications, seemingly boring, have big use

beauty since hero, this era is applied with smartphone! Now, what are the application on your mobile phone? Whether very want to know what to others? Homescreen this amazing application, as long as the main screen capture and upload to share, so everybody knows what you’re using, you may also want to know what others use.

when someone out his phone and glance at the screen a few eye, I also can’t help but want to sneak a look at his mobile phone screen. Whether a person is a complete stranger, or am I the girl has a crush on for months, as long as when he took out his mobile phone contact, I can’t help but want to see.

as Betaworks, new product launch your this curiosity can rise to a whole new level.

this product is a simple application, called Homescree this app allows you to screen the main screen, and then you can share the link of screenshots to Twitter; If someone click on the link, the page will jump back to the homescreen. Is/username page, where other people can see that you like the most commonly used and some applications. In addition, the service USES the image recognition technology, as long as you over from any application, whether it is in the drawer, you will be able to obtain detailed information on the application.

it is clear that this is a very simple application, but the trend of production of the application of this type already exists. People can literally on a BBS, sharing their own home screen, word of mouth is the best marketing strategy of selling a application. By combining these two factors, Betaworks is producing its own user generated application recommendation engine.

Betaworks website has an advanced application part, users can through this platform to see the most popular applications.

of course, do this Betaworks has its own reason, there are certain self.

the company (Betaworks) is very fascinated by the data. As a startup studio (there is no better word to describe it), the data is also understandable. Betaworks manages about twelve different brand, each brand has its own subsidiaries, each subsidiary covering different areas of the business, from the weather to the media to the analysis to the game. Understand the value of their products is of great significance.

so, in about a year’s time in the past, Betaworks has been trying to understand what applications for users is the most important. Start from the main screen of your own is to research the best choice. In order to understand the user during the annual festival will be the main screen sharing to the habit of Twitter, Betaworks through search on Twitter # Homescreen2014, 1000 different main screen data are obtained.

in some irrelevant data filter (some of these data are fragile, and they are all from Twitter users, but Betaworks founder John bo cwick in this blog post to explain their research methods). Studies have shown that iPhone users are gradually replace the apple of the default application, such as E-mail, weather, tasks, calendar and podcasts and so on other related applications. In fact, for every application categories listed above, there are about 45% to 60% of the main screen has replace the default application of apple with other applications.

Betaworks also found many message application is quietly into the user’s home screen, but this is not to say that they can replace apple called iMessage — and they are just to join the ranks of these.


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