Best “zone” : read your physical condition, and teach you to relax

I stare at the beach, listening to the seagulls singing in the distance. A voice in my ear rings, let me pay attention to control our breathing, count from one to ten. I made in accordance with the requirements, the body began to relax.

but I heard the sound waves and deeply fascinated, results count when jumps over a number. As I count of panic, the wind began to warming. I told myself, my brain waves can be to restore calm any environment. In the end I regained control of the wind is calm again.

although the picture is like pastoral beauty, but in fact, I sat down on a busy newsroom, hung on the eyes a bit like Google glasses equipment, wearing a pair of headphones. The device is called a Muse. It is popular in Iniegogo a raise project – the brain induction headband, valued at $300. Last week we just attention to it. I use it to do a series of calm exercises, this thing can let you in a few minutes for 30 minutes of yoga to relax.

although I can not reach the realm of zen, but useless compared with three minutes before the time of this equipment, I clearly now relax more. I picked up the iOS device, through the application of the Muse check my result.

this practice can rejoice in good adjustment time, ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. And I through several times before the practice has improved my calm. I should have heard the sound of a lot of different kinds of birds in the whole practice, but I haven’t been able to reach that level. Muse application shows my brain only captured some petty pleasures chirp chirp. This means that I have been able to control his brain, and block some similar wave acoustic background noise, but still lack of bird sound field details. I’m trying to do this step.

Muse headband is a new equipment, combined with relaxation and wearable technology, let you more comprehensive understanding of yourself. We are not short of to improve their level of intelligent equipment. Tennis racket swing from raising your level of intelligence, to allow you to brush teeth toothbrush every bit of intelligence. Fitness and health related equipment has dominated the whole dressing smart wearable devices: there is can track you run a marathon wristbands and teach you pose of high-tech yoga mat.

although earlier trend is to allow you to exercise, and now the trend is more hope you focus on the heart Ming zeng. Focus on your mind, let your life slow down, reduce your daily stress and anxiety.

on Muse equipment, anytime and anywhere is the key. All you need is Muse headband, a smartphone or a tablet and a little bit of time. You can on the sofa, plane, or office use of the equipment. If you don’t have to worry about easily distracted, Muse to relax the process into a game, so that you can easily concentrate.

smart headband by seven sensor measure your brain signals – three, located in the center built a measuring head, there are also two in ear hind, two on either side. These sensors to collect information and data for translation, become you can read the feedback.

the sensors in a particular area overhead and symmetric level may be the only need some skill of operation. You may need to determine sensors are placed in the correct position, it took me five minutes to prepare, to ensure that the sensor level (sometimes even longer. But when these sensors are put on the position, I started to carry on the mental exercise, or, for relaxation.

another recently raised in silicon valley is that equipment is called Thync, similar to Muse, it is also use sensors to help users energetic, more focused, peace of mind. Manufacturers said this product can let you don’t have caffeine or supplements can achieve the same effect. Thync recently received $13 million from Khosla ventures. They plan to launch its first product in 2015.

although there is no details about the product. Thync said products will be combined with the spirit of science, wearable devices and algorithms, make people easy to get away from the busy day to enjoy a relaxing night.

if successful financing is what shows the sign. Is that the industry is counting on it as a part of the future wearable devices.

Muse and Thync is not alone in this field. In fact, there are other brain sensing head device, such as Emotiv and Brainbot, also can read the feedback from your mind. When wearable device to drive the direction of increasing productivity – just like smart watches so let you send text messages, answer the phone. We also need a empty time to organize your thoughts.

and it is the right thing for The Times, we may need more relaxed tools, and apple will watch in the coming months to attract our attention.


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