Believe in flash memory instead of mechanical hard disk: SolidFire refinancing, in the process of IPO

compared with the traditional hard disk drives, flash memory based storage devices when reading data can achieve higher speed and save energy consumption, in this day and age to deal with large amounts of data, is one of the more promising new technology.

and competition for market share, flash memory array startups SolidFire also spell. Following the C round win $31 million last year, SolidFire again in recently completed a $82 million D round of financing, financing amount more than $150 million. At present, SolidFire are considering initial public offering.

the round by the vc platform Greenspring Associates, silicon valley bank, and a failure to disclose the name of the sovereign wealth funds led jointly, SolidFire existing investment per capita involved.

SolidFire bode headquarters is located in the western United States Colorado city, founded in 2010, chief executive of Dave Wright had previously served in an online storage and backup service company JungleDisk (after being the world’s leading hosting servers and cloud computing providers too.)

Wright asserts, flash memory storage service is no longer a difference between the characteristics of the company, everyone has a flash memory; Not now, soon will have.

so SolidFire is new design new type of flash memory devices. Wright said, their products will be within the data center a computing, networking, and storage for Shared, more flexible infrastructure taken a big step.

in the process of increasing data, SolidFire to create is a can help users realize the increasing use of equipment, in order to create a larger storage pool. Wright said, SolidFire are breaking conventional design, traditional to fill up a storage device can then add the practice of the next, to create a memory data storage.

in addition, in order to strive for common pool of resources, SolidFire also made in terms of equipment and personal application promotion, let the equipment administrator can provide resources for these applications; After can only manual operation to complete administrative tasks are automated.

the Wright said in an interview: “this is the data center in the future, instead of computing or storage, or networking. Watch carefully you will find that the data into the IT organization’s speed is not fast enough.”

success at the same time, the financing SolidFire also consumers, according to all those who do not want to one-time use flash memory introduced a low introductory price of new products. And these new products can achieve the function of integration and continue to upgrade the latest flash memory.

although SolidFire facing many competitors provide flash service, including more than $3 billion worth of Pure Storage company, but Mr Wtight said, he is very optimistic about the SolidFire opportunities.

Wright, said at the beginning of the company was founded, when he didn’t know how many storage service company. He only know SolidFire at that time is the only one focused on flash memory and scale of cloud storage, and other companies only immersed in flash… Does not refer to the data center storage devices at the heart of the challenge, namely the size and quality of the storage service and multi-user architecture and the automation function and so on.

about the financing income, Wright said that will be used for SolidFire international business development, the expansion of sales channels and improve profitability. And about profitability, Wright is considering a public offering, to make SolidFire become a listed company of health.

Wright also said in the interview, led the SolidFire Greenspring in this round of funding enjoys high reputation in the public market investors; And not to be named sovereign wealth fund is SolidFire another investor, venture gold New Enterprise Associates limited partners, and the wealth fund said if there is a need to SolidFire, will also continue to invest in the future. But when a public offering, SolidFire did not give a specific time.

in addition, investors involved in the round in addition to the above mentioned NEA, and Venture capital and private equity firm Novak Biddle at Venture Partners, Samsung vc Samsung Ventures and the VCS Valhalla Partners.

Source: WSJ

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