Being net: easy to find a teacher, take you learn foreign languages by ourselves

(/xiao-miao li wen)

if no one to accompany, learn foreign languages by ourselves is absolutely a boring lonely thing. Communicate with people is the best way to improve. Ran net’s ultimate goal is to let people can through the mobile terminal to complete English self-study people exchange learning community, but mobile correct in development, so the reports from the PC to start first.

ran net is a new mode of language learning website, online support community of learning foreign language combining the teacher professor and self learning. Languages including English, Japanese, French, Korean, German, etc. For learning language friend, make an appointment to the teacher, looking for coaching presence, looking for oral English practice partner, language exchange, etc.

being founding him tell cloud network hunting, as being mesh purpose from their own needs. First business fail, thought and learning English the rest again. Learn English have two choices at that time, go to class, or self-study. Training course is expensive, so choose self-study. But self-study in choosing teaching materials, methods and get communication do not know how to start. Offline English activities organized by the douban also dropped. Just make a mutual learning English online communication products, let people learn foreign languages by ourselves not to go out and can communicate with each other, finding out the early stage of the product is only one of the most simple functions, then product gradually rich, to the community.

language is your boundary of the world, where it is, how far you can go “ran network support to the third party account login, everyone will have a language page, shown above is a personal information, language skills and communicate information. Through language classification, labels and geographical location to find interested information exchange and xueyou, being highly educated users in the majority of women, in the whole content is rich.

ran net long-term goal is to connect the language learning and knowledge for free, based on the product planning into two parts, one part is based on the mild, fragmentation language learning knowledge communication module, the other part is based on the systematic language knowledge study of mutual aid self-learning module.

now being network team, two people him and often rain in more than 5 years of working experience in the Internet industry and social him in renren, weibo engaged in products and operations, two people already for more than 2 years of cooperation, the project is the second time of their business. Him tell hunting cloud network, under the condition of being online line in not yet promotion accumulate nearly hundreds of users, according to the data analysis of the current main users for foreign students, sea turtles and have the profession background of language, male to female ratio is about 1:9, paid learning user accounts for about 4%. Being network has yet to finance.

ran netCompany: Beijing future youth science and technology co., LTD.
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