Beijing vs Tokyo next silicon valley should in Asia

these two cities Beijing and Tokyo in the development of the technology market fast amazing, especially the rate of increase in volume. In view of this situation, people begin to guess, the two cities will be the next silicon valley? Will you? Professional analysts to data analysis.

in fact, in addition to Beijing and Tokyo, many cities have been dubbed the “next silicon valley”, but not a city can conform to the hype which are mentioned in the news “the only relevant risk investment market” conditions. According to the media, we decided on a global scale to compare the situation of the cities, the volume of data from the past two years in the observation of their growth. Of course, we will focus on compare in November 2012 to October 2013, the year from November 2013 to October 2013 tech trading gains of the year and the selected city is in trade in more than 20 times every year.

from the data analysis table below, the next silicon valley in the United States is unlikely. Because the vc in the city the size of the top several Asia accounted for most of the city, such as the first is Beijing (165%), Tokyo (126%), came in third place, Seoul (90%), 4 Shanghai (81%), 5.

at the other end of the whole list, some of the mature development of science and technology city growth is very small or even negative growth, such as New York (6%), Cambridge (12%) and Los Angeles (6%).

although we believe that the trade growth is more representative and persuasive, but the growth of the st. Louis on the total amount of money more than all the other cities. Munich and Cincinnati is among the top three. These three cities on the total amount of money growth is more than 600%. Due to funding easily affected by big deals and serious tilt, so compared with trading volume, the total amount of money does not have the same powers of persuasion. When measuring the development of a region so we usually take the volume as a measure.


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