Before the Internet of things is not trendy toys, All In changing “fad” idea, please

cloud network hunting note: as the hottest trend in today’s society, the Internet has made our life has undergone earth-shaking changes, each big technology companies to the company’s development strategy. But the most makes me surprised is, most people don’t understand the Internet benefit for ordinary users, can’t even make a clear definition for it. And some believe that this is just the fashionable, will with the passage of time off his shadow. What do you think?

the Internet of things is the latest and most popular of modern language, major technology companies, large retailers, health care, industrial manufacturer, will the Internet of things as a star of tomorrow. Each industry is trying to use the advantages of small low-power smart devices and sensors, and will be the Internet of things in their product strategy in the future.

the popularity of the Internet of things industry has reached the point of mania. Cisco even want to rename it to “all things networking” (Internet of Everythin), each time the cisco try to rename something (such as he had hit the banner of “network to people-oriented”), you will know that we are in trouble.

qualcomm now has a number of different Internet platform, Intel has developed a standard in this competition, and the apple and Google are rerun “walled garden” war – these are we expected.

just like other technologies, the Internet of things before becoming a trend has landed the big trade fair and technology conference, get the attention of the business incubator and venture capital, also became the indigenous technology the hot topic of the party and the joint office space. And each big including McKinsey, accenture, KPMG consulting companies have set up specifically for the Internet of things of departments and business.

but the most to my surprise is that most people don’t understand the Internet of things benefit for ordinary users, can’t even make a clear definition for it.

we have already started to hear some resistance to the voice of the Internet of things. From the criticism of Google glasses to holders of its vacancy rate, the number of more than 50% of the fitness equipment idle rate. In spite of this, is still in sales, Google glasses still being idle.

consumer cannot understand the machine can communicate with each other (sometimes referred to as M2M, machine to machine) or in the cloud these concepts, they may only see the Internet of things as similar to Skynet (Skynet) kind of things. From the public for the national security agency (NSA) to monitor, the hacker intrusion, and facebook and Google company to use our data to the benefit of reaction, I want to say if the Internet of things want to build trust in the mind of the consumers, it also needs to face the severe challenge.

but the real problem in the Internet of things is people just regard it as a kind of new toys, but it is actually a comprehensive network, it can change the world, and lead us into the future.

people seem to look down on the Internet of things – just look at it as “another new trend”. But it is far more than that, people misunderstand this opportunity comes once in a blue moon, and regard it as “just a new trend may soon fade. Frankly, I deeply dislike this kind of phenomenon.

in the Internet of things, combining theory and the real world data (based on user activity and behavior mode). When you know that, you should be able to see a new era of “smart” solution.

multiple technology platforms can be connected to a distributed network environment, and to interact in the form of synchronization and coordination operation, this for software developers like me has a huge attraction. But at the same time I to be vigilant against people following the trend of behavior.

I think the Internet of things above all modern technology, it will eventually rule online technology world and real world.

if you can understand the end user and they are in the scene, we can establish a real “medium dialogue” (mediated conversation), namely through real time intervention and help, to enhance our daily daily online experience, finally made to the application of usage scenarios “perception”.

this rapidly growing “scenario Age” (the Age of the Context, this is Robert Scoble (Robert Scoble) and cher, Israel (Shel Israel) refers to the concept of) the most anticipated side have not revealed yet. Our future really is still unknown, but its foundation must be based on a series of technology, these technologies will start from your smart watch or wristband (also can be the intelligent family), they will be the latest scenario data sent to the “intelligent terminal” (in the cloud), after analyzing these data, intelligent terminal make real-time feedback, to provide users with the experience of scene perception. Or something similar.

these experiences will appear on your mobile device, appeared in the social circle of friends, colleagues and family, this experience also contains the content of the digital media streaming – it is more than just a new trend.

now my mind is full of all sorts of new solutions and creative expression, but I know that the Internet of things certainly include mobile applications and social communication, and digital media and streaming media content naturally, income among them.

so from now on, whenever you hear the term “Internet of things”, please think seriously about its true meaning, it’s not a fashionable trend, it can become a trillions of dollars worth of industry for a reason. Please keep in mind.


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