Before startup, to fall in love with you do this thing

cloud network hunting note: all entrepreneurs need continuous preparation and later learning strengthening can slowly on the road to success, while studying entrepreneurial experience can ensure everyone succeed, but at least can let a person less detours. So every prepare poineering person should ask yourself well, I’m ready?

assume that allow you to list some of my favorite thing to do, the first thing you mind if it is “shopping”, “party”, “go to the beach”, “meeting new friends”, “travel” and other things, then you may be ready for a trip for yourself. If you give the answer is “learning”, “decision”, “listening”, “adventure”, “sales”, “work hard” and “self-made”, it means that you’ve been close to the entrepreneurs. Based on my experience, the entrepreneur will take the time to do may not be enough to attract people, but it is really worthwhile.

so if you want to start their own business, then the following these things you have to like it, or at least a day to learn to tolerate:

1. recruiting

create a good team is the key to success. Of course, you’re looking for team members must be good, don’t play and agree with your business idea, is to be able to together for a long time, hard work earnestly, has the kind of person. Others, however, want to find is such a person. Compared with other excellent startups huge budget, resource scarcity will greatly increase the difficulty of the recruitment team.

investors tend to be more like a bet on the team, this is very important, because of your products and ideas may change, but investors for team ability to measure often lies in its sales ability.

founder, must have the ability to convince investors to investors selling their ideas, and co-founder of the outstanding and the staff is the most powerful evidence, it is enough to prove to investors that someone is willing to work with you together before seeking investment risk.

formation of entrepreneurial teams, the sooner the better. Can not only more opportunities, more early to find a partner, also can test the waters, early to get the most honest feedback.

2. financing

some ceos hate financing, but some people like it very much. Like all things in our life, if you find that you are very good at one thing, you’re more likely to enjoy and do it.

overall, most start-ups to additional investment, which means investors can with less budget for the production and distribution. Not all entrepreneurs are able to meet all needed for startup capital, many companies will need to bring in outside money. If the entrepreneur’s performance is quite good, so investors money will find you, but the process still needs some money auxiliary.

fortunately, startup accelerator provides entrepreneurs with many good financing platform, and now more and more like this platform, such as 500 startups, satellites, and YCombinator three big business incubator. Of course, can be used to start and track the financing activities of AngelList is also a good platform. However, additional external investment affect product development and marketing. This not only because the financing cost a lot of time, but also because during the period of financing, entrepreneurs will consider investing more introduction, introduce the request, the upcoming meeting and financing speech, rather than a product, marketing, and business growth.

all in all, the financing behavior is a good way to get feedback, it can help you look for potential investors, receiving experience.

3. customer service

maybe you will feel as the company’s chief executive, time is very precious, spend time on the customer service is a waste, it is necessary to customer service outsourcing. But from another Angle to think of it, if you provide customer service, can more quickly find the needs of customers. I want to in addition to chat or live communication with customers this way, there is no better way, talk to the customer, after all, and it is very important to listen to the needs of customers. Their own customer service can not only find customer demand, customer experience accumulated, will also be more entrepreneurial zeal.

so customer service is to provide long term? Of course not, sooner or later you will customer service outsourcing, leave time to do more important things. But with previous experience, thus outsourcing customer service management is relatively simple.

4. commodity fair

light, expensive hotels and food fair, everything is in place you will be long standing in the exhibition site ready to introduce products to customers.

for most of the industry, commodity exhibition and related meeting is very important. They provide a platform to help development of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial firms, industry journalists as well as the relationship between the buyer and the seller, at the same time also can provide entrepreneurs with accumulated contacts and harvest the chance of friendship.

maybe you don’t want to become a communication specialist, but there are so few times every year best experience, when you look back, may find that those encountered in the trip is very valuable.

5. long work

Hollywood blockbuster “the social network” after the release, some people have the idea that entrepreneurs can spend 20% of their time on the job, the other 80% of the time will be used for social activities.

in fact, self-employment compared to working for someone else to five times more difficult. My partner and I are still working in 500 Startups, usually to work 80 hours a week, but it is easy in silicon valley. Thankfully, though, if you are enthusiastic about what he had done, that he would never have feelings are at work, but can feel is the opportunity, in the case of time flies try hard to fulfill the mission.

6. always make difficult decisions

do you remember distance yourself when was the last time you make an important decision? As an entrepreneur, you will encounter many times the cause of intersection, had to make important decisions to decide the way how to get to the next.

when you need to make major decisions, often with the product, the types of financing, partnership, business model, pricing, cooperative law and recruitment and so on all sorts of things, this time only to keep the mood, calm thinking, to make the right decisions.

although you might have their own advisers and think-tank, but after seeking help, you may still can’t get answers, because a lot of things often do not have a clear right or wrong, or at least there’s no way to know right from wrong, can only wait for time to prove. As a spectator, often can be easily to criticize other entrepreneurs, but when the boss, you’ll find that it is almost impossible to get criticism from employees.

7. flight

I don’t know whether someone like flying, but I know the two pilots all love their work, but if it is as a passenger, they all can’t stand.

should say so, not everyone can seek help from you, but you will need the help of others. Especially when just starting a business, you must attend all kinds of exhibitions and meetings, all fly to meet with investors, meet new employee recruitment, etc.

you should pay more attention to the comfort of flight, such as the total length and flight departure time, rather than to save $100 and let yourself fly very uncomfortable, which affects their alertness and strain capacity in the meeting.

8. the pinch

startup launched two basic way is to rely on their own funds or access to external funding support, sometimes, on its own can help investors’ money. When startup only rely on their own capital support, entrepreneurs are paid even couldn’t send out, but once after the success of the financing will improve.

but investors want their money can be careful to use, so the first year of business will be hard for entrepreneurs. This is a common phenomenon, there are many entrepreneurs in silicon valley bank account despite millions of dollars, but still lived a simple life. So, if you are considering their own businesses, it would be ready to pay my tuition.

9. risk

use one word to describe the success of start-ups, is the “uncertainty”. Market, customers, runway, investors, and your social relationship, these are all on a whim. Because you did not know that he is doing the thing whether can continue to eight months, planning for the future is very difficult.

no matter whether growth over the next month, your business operating model is likely to be a success or failure. It is necessary to have a thick hide, keep passion for entrepreneurship, not afraid of obstacles along the way, aim at the top of the mountain.

10. rapid growth

as an entrepreneur, the most valuable resource is time. Every time you want a race against time, ensure that funds do not dry up, competition is not defeated by the market, to minimize the opportunity cost, achieve rapid growth.

although starts you may not have huge capital investment, but you will be in the process of pluralism, seldom have their own time.

like I was a musician, you haven’t touched a musical instrument, often several weeks there is less number and meet family and friends. Before go to the movies once a week or two will, and last year’s movies are few and far between. Set foot on the journey you will be ready to disappear from the existing life, just like you have a child’s friend, suddenly have never met, and you will often suffer from insomnia, always feel very tired.

but entrepreneurship and gave birth to a child is the same, as most of the parents said, this is what they have done the most meaningful thing. You will find yourself in life, for the first time go so deep, you will lost it even after the return to the real world, shining eyes all the sparks of wisdom.

11. learning new things

learning as the most valuable part of an entrepreneur. According to statistics, most of the startups are not succeed, but entrepreneurs can gain experience and skills. Entrepreneurs are also more, marketing, human resources, accounting, pricing, business development, product management, such as with part-time, so have to quickly learn a lot of things in a short time.

fortunately, under the background of information age, transparent entrepreneurial culture provides a lot of help, entrepreneurs can get a lot of information. Although time is pressing, but I have to spend hours reading every day. Although you have to be in the output state for a long time, but you also need to absorb more knowledge, it is good for you.


confident sales

if you don’t like sales, the business is probably not for you. If you don’t like to speak in public, that you may have to be a CEO.


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