Before I go to silicon valley startups Fu Cheng they speak

(article/who 闫森)

don’t want to write it as soft, doesn’t make sense.

5 days ten thousand people sign up, the bonus is only about 300000 more start-up capital. Circle activities most people see the preheating, the heart may have a small irony. It is too little, stunt is greater than the content? Actually unavoidably arouses suspicion.

but in overall 15 will eventually find the purple cow entrepreneurs start roadshow. In the front row seat for entrepreneurial mentor: Fu Cheng Yao Jinbo, Luo Zhenyu, li3 xue2 ling2. In addition to Luo Zhenyu and the rest are ceos of listed companies. ROM last speech really impress people fat.

the roadshow, the stage the most difficult part of the audience think it should be: did not go to the bathroom in advance. Just across the road project quality also is very good. Have done in the field of children’s programming community, personality, and only do breakfast also has in view of the domestic team video and music, and for the doctor work efficiency, mainly for the doctors to provide online medical review products. 15 road project has a different window, hunting cloud network in the near future will do for the high quality project interview, please pay attention.

if each activity to be put down. I think there should be so few words. “Don’t leave school I will graduate,” “the next thing to do,”, “only to boring boring perfectly will create value”.

Xu Wenyuan midway roadshow when there is a campus entrepreneurs, his company is called a traffic light science and technology, made a shadow has information community product review. Does because application interface is original to be eliminated when enter the top ten. But the quotation should be the event be remembered the most inside. “Dry”, “only to boring boring perfectly will create value”.

although finally defeated, but fat evaluation: can come to the stage, had better than their peers. Speak what language is indeed what character. The whole activity, Fu Cheng when comments have been do thinking on the issue of product, a single point of breakthrough, perfectly, find the pain points, to find a needle. Yao Jinbo although is a guest in the event, but most is being asked. “If 58 do how?” How to “, “if Yao Jinbo ready to do? . Previous Internet circles, entrepreneurs always asked in a word, “if tencent did, what would you do? Into the field of O2O granted to, “what would you do if done 58,”? 58 recent investment activity, the investment and business cooperation is they are trying to be the path of the. Now the entrepreneurs is very smart, fear of being copied, entrepreneurship is not ready.

in fact, my favorite is the final speech segment. All the guests are not very polite said some correct nonsense. Didn’t say some words are all complete. Fu Cheng repeat this is a good time, talented person need is a chance. Can’t help a lot of people, can help a small number of people. Entrepreneurial success should give back to society. Investment or help more entrepreneurs is one of the best value investment. Investment is cast, 08 year financial crisis, Fu Cheng and investors, worried about investment money is normal. But investors told him that I believe in you! Business is to survive, focused, cook, find opportunities.

the roadshow, li3 xue2 ling2 lop hand turn to prayer, the comments are relevant. After the speech he spoke a word, hope all we say is wrong today. Roadshow eliminated and roadshow successful projects the success of the future is not what we can decide. Core is still the entrepreneurs, we say that is wrong.

fat was the last to speak, he speak, actually I’m damn shit mentors, I actually or entrepreneurs. I sit around are ceos of listed companies. I don’t want to button his own such a dunce. All the entrepreneurs present future has a chance to say a word “thanks to the mentors didn’t look at me, now I’m going to bell”. All the audience present is lucky, and you have witnessed these startups before becoming a big company in the beginning. Let’s gratitude, a nice age.


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