Bed APP: two dimensional sound enthusiasts collection and distribution center

(article/who 闫森)

to write this article, the bed of the boss, that is, independent pitchman, animation director, professional curator Dong Chun under the central people’s broadcasting station 101.8 MHZ live voices in the city. He said: “I try not to talk nonsense.”

bed is a carrying two dimensional sound. It is a collection of pure music voice, cover, radio, diaries and all kinds of work platform. You can understand it for voice version of the ACFUN, can be used as the warehouse where his work.

their goal is to become China’s largest secondary yuan sound base, is all love the secondary yuan sound enthusiasts to provide a paradise. Voice control is a group of secondary yuan (animation) is the voice of the people, in the animation in the dubbing staff referred to as CV, so most of the voice control is accused of CV. Bed will do is to give love a second yuan dubbing of users to provide a learning, sharing, to listen to, fun entertainment community.

if the application of analogy, bed application on market is more like “dubbing show” + “litchi FM” fit. Dubbing show is also a focus in the field of the voice, but he is more popular, bed belongs to focus on two dimensional sound. Litchi FM is a everyone’s the host cell phone radio light application. Bed to give each making also have each page, the second yuan to pay close attention to subscribe to listen to. And everyone may also be making opportunities, fans also have been an opportunity for you to show their works.

bed version 2.0 has been launched recently, IOS version is still in audit, the android version can be updated to download. The new joined the light video and pictures and phone functions. Mobile terminal can make light video, two yuan isn’t confined PC sound creation. Mobile terminal hair barrage began to support emoji expression.

in 2011, after 85 “animation” is also original video network “red scarf young producer Dong Chun went to jiangsu variety entertainment channel” love dream “, after the video performance in shyness and personality and radio broadcast today the interactive effect of the entire people on the show was very different. At that time is more like the animation otaku, now more like a funny entrepreneurs. But he said it was just in order to be famous. , no matter it is their team blog.


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