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hunting cloud network: in this paper, the author was the founder of the social software heartbeat zhong zhen, served as director of tencent’s strategy before start-up. After heart rushed to free the top 50, zhong zhen wrote a comprehension, from personal experience to the entrepreneurial journey, the author’s emotion “dry” is to give, grant recommend entrepreneurs a read.

author: zhong zhen (social software heartbeat founder, authorized cloud network hunting)

this year was 2014, and today is November 17, had just finished a pair of 11. In double 11 day, apple’s app store before through the 1.0 version of the audit for us. So we panic in the electricity business billions war online, hurry-scurry, rushed to the social in the top 50 free of charge.

but I want to bring everybody, today is not a story of entrepreneurship, but about what I am. On April 30, this year I underwent a big operation, need to stay in bed for a month, because on April 13, I ride my bike is out of control broke his collarbone. And in 2013, shortly before Christmas, I almost also to spend time in the hospital, because of a broken ankle ligaments. Very ashamed to tell you this year, the accident has been I broke the second root collar bone. At the age of 17 same bike riding too fast, knocked down by the car and broke the first root collar bone.

I’m in the company is the least tall girls, all the other students are longer than my leg, but when I start my way to other colleagues need to trot followed, often can’t keep up. Lunch today we still small in 91 programmers trotted to keep up with me, could not help but ask: ZhenJie, you practiced walking?

I haven’t practiced walking. Just love to have fun. I really want to achieve a goal will be dashed forward intently. When I was a child like playing one of the project is to jump down from a height.

yes this world there are a lot of crazy. I think maybe I am one of them. As a girl, I like the speed, adventurous, likes to chase the interesting things and people. Around often is not understood, I will run forward as well.

zhong zhen

failure is the norm for me

if you don’t think I’m blind from experienced a failure, then I can share with you how I’m a loser, can make a lot of unhappy people happy: -)

the first Since I was a first people see people hate to start students with excellent grades. I read high school science, two years have never had any colleges came second in the whole grade. As science, math, science I can got full marks in English, my Chinese political history Higher than liberal arts top scores. Next to the vengeance, the psychological quality is bad, the college entrance examination mistake, I reluctantly into tsinghua university. Into tsinghua university life is really a nightmare start, until today I have been living in endless nightmare: -) all fail, all be despised by oversight, all can’t find the feeling. But I don’t particularly take yourself as seriously as the kind of person, never feel bad grades need to feel shame. I really evolve from a learned of god as a result of poor students, haven’t rolled over, from now on and very proud. But life will always go a step or two dumb luck, bad grades of the students were at Stanford a master’s project phase, I grind finished their studies. (oh the tooth broken one)

revenge and look down on the students of school graduates, in fact, I know and understand you from the bottom of my heart. They have what fantastic, is nothing but better luck, obviously I’m clever is even smarter, but the same cannot be equally good luck to everyone who needs it. World is not fair, always someone better luck, get more. I’ve always wanted to through my efforts can also be counterbalanced by the distance. Although I read school, but I know this kind of desire to want to prove himself, because the voice of my heart also constantly calling.

because I am a poor student, after graduation I find for a long time to find a job in the United States, is a small consulting company, nobody listened to take 4000 piece wage (USD). Come back two years after graduation, to join huawei do business as a starting salary of 8000 yuan (RMB). Now I know that many people want to laugh, a recent graduate of a master’s in big companies probably take much more than this, and I as a Stanford mba, has two years work experience in America, it was ridiculously low. But as a pure prick silk and rutherford, I happily accepted it. Two years after my salary + stock up to a total cost of the high levels of N times, and I left the huawei as joined tencent’s strategy director. Today, I am very grateful to huawei and I was in huawei’s boss to my cultivation.

until I become a tencent as a front line and is listed on the Internet company’s director of strategy, I vaguely Stanford students dare to look at before. Some of them in Google do management or product manager, some are in a line, a consulting firm McKinsey BCG, for example, or investment Banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman sachs. Humble I still firmly believe that through my efforts, I can out of a different way.

the following are my tencent in the failure of my career. As a burning desire, high loyalty, heart and soul to work on the children, and for the company to find the effective new value point: social networking platform, by integrating social network user data, open the way for a third party through interfaces based on tencent platform development, and realize the joint profit “platform” strategy, however because of my subordinates strategy, I want to do for the company and the department orientation in conflict and dark But to leave. I just want to say, had to leave a deeply love my own company, what kind of sad and helpless. But at the same time, I think I learned a lot of things from tencent, the Internet industry and the social product of qi, to the concept of user experience above all else, I appreciate life.

I may be a lifetime is not suitable for work in the company, after leaving the tencent I returned to the consulting company, two years later, I decided to start a business. Do I really want to do things: social network.

I have been think entrepreneurship this decision is right

a startup is the only thing that I can stick to four years and don’t give up career. These four years, I experienced a failure, never for humanity. Just like today, I talked about the situation of the company, others will say here and there a mess! I really can’t tell you my company four years ago than this 8000 times. Today there are countless friends of “heart” (our) mobile social products with all kinds of expectation and discontent, say you how this function without the function also does not have! I want to say our alpha version 0.9 online 1 month until today, our beta version 1.0 only less than a week online, micro letter online a month of time also have no friends! Over your face, crying.

but I know it’s no use. Users can’t wait, and even friends and family type user’s patience is limited. This is the market, the market is fair. You need to market competition, with the user’s psychological competition, rather than a rival. Even if you do the best to all can’t run, you also want to run, step by step, to shorten the distance with the line. This need to faith, courage, wisdom, and endurance. And most importantly, to accumulate. On the effective direction to accumulate, accumulate more higher than anyone else, you didn’t have a chance to run qualification.

attention mind

a lot of people will wonder why I start a business. This is a particularly difficult to answer questions for me. Is not there is no clear answer, but I don’t know the questions of what people are looking forward to a different level of the answer. For innocence as I do not know the things, I’ll tell you, this world there are always some crazy like adventure, I don’t know little, what all dare to spell, I am such a little man, and I am seeking the same little friend entrepreneurship. If you are a clear mind of reason and calm, I’ll tell you the entrepreneurial risk, return and a reward to the life of is very worthwhile, if you care about the satisfaction and growth of the mind. When you believe you have enough judgment and commercial gene, you can get very big meet, including high financial returns.

but the answers to these questions, and can’t express myself very well. I have a very clear life ideal, go today, is my only way.

a business, be the most effective way to achieve your business quickly. I want to entrepreneurship, because I want to be social.

I want to do social, because social networking is a positive way to influence people’s behavior in many of the products or business, I only good at that.

the industry should not only to make money. This is too small. Business can make a lot of money, from a business perspective (if you are smart enough and better life). But that’s not the final goal, the final goal is that we bring to the world what positive and positive significance. What can be done better to respect each person’s dignity and soul, let everyone better find belongs to own happiness. I want to pass my social applications, have the meaning of some of the above.

I have a lot of special social App good girl friends don’t have to strangers, because they resent being harassed. “Harassment” and “seduce” by many social products as a sort of user needs to meet. And I want to make a social products, the purpose is not to meet this need. If deeper research users psychological and behavior, you will find effective friends agreed with “up” (not only based on mutual understanding and the understanding about see) based on short-term impulse is inversely proportional to the implementation of the speed. Which really helps to form a person of happiness. So proved an old saying goes: happiness is not easy.

social is about people, especially the mutual understanding and interaction between the sexes. Now our social App “heart”, is to help you “know” a person first, not busy “meet” social applications. Is a girl child can trust applications don’t have to worry about being harassed. Hope one day through my success, can tell the world the App can also pay attention to the spirit and soul of the user. Starting from “understand you”, not “about you”, open a new online social networking.

the Out in the darkness, is where the legends begin. Happiness is never easy. So we need more courage to forward.

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