Beautiful clothes map: shopping information into his pocket, do precise guide line

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it is clear that online shopping “party” can not be replaced by offline shopping needs. When offline shopping, shopping for a street to the mad girl, want to find a favorite dress, preferential or fashion clothes is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it is also a thousands stores shopping party. To this end, the garment team stepped forward, become the first domestic location-based intelligent fashion information and additional discount provider.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting map of beautiful clothes on May 22, officially launched, existing android, IOS, experience for users to download. Beautiful clothes map three founders are worked in the retail industry, including AnLiJuan has served &, Boston consulting group, in the consumer goods and retail industry has abundant strategic management consulting experience, the traditional consumption of contact also more online retail industry transformation projects. In close contact with the market and consumers, in the process of AnLiJuan concerned about the intelligent recommendation of fashion apparel needs.

specific view, beauty on the map in product design is simple, only recommended daily a few collocation. Beautiful clothes map automatically for the user to recommend a few fashion collocation, click enter will automatically link to the clothing brands and the geographic location of stores and discount information recently. In addition, users come to the store, as long as the show the beautiful clothes to cooperative store clerk map, can be all exclusive extra discount.

is different from a lot of focus on payment or delivery on O2O mode, the clothes take more front-end integration, concentrated in shopping before, during and after the whole process of information service and provide real benefits. At present Chinese girls in big cities, more than seventy percent of dress purchase came from offline, and more than eighty percent and understanding of the brand and collocation, is from the line. And beautiful clothes map vision is to bring out the best of our online is convenient, cheap and offline shopping experience perfect fusion, hope beautiful clothes map can be people a use of an offline shopping habits.

the garment map to the user group have a clear definition: 20-40 years old or so, the pursuit of quality of life and quality of clothing city women, this part of the group consumption power is stronger, and beautiful clothes map strategy is driven by the high quality content consumption. In the smart recommend that on the one hand, the map have special fashion content editor. Fashion editor, director of garment specialty, graduated from Boston to milan after school. Prior to joining map of beautiful clothes, she works in Hong Kong for three years, mainly responsible for the European brand into the greater China region to planning.

like beautiful clothes map, there’s a company called Shophop also focused on offline shopping experience, can be regarded as a course designed to look for fashion shopping information but do custom products, but with some gaming mechanism to collect user preferences; Earlier, there are also a company doing electrical contractor O2O call “buy”, and consider of offline requirements of “go”, but the online reservation, offline try it on, can be as simple as O2O version of taobao.

hunting cloud network understand, beauty garment team has reached a cooperation with multiple brands, including ONLY, BASIC HOUSE, Lee, e li, Oasis, etc., in shenzhen, guangzhou and expand the hundreds of stores. Beautiful clothes map has very serious fund angel rounds of millions of yuan investment, with funding support, the current team does not consider profit, focus on user experience and brand construction.

the garment map

company: shenzhen ishares the art technology co., LTD.


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