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under the development trend of Internet vertical niche, beauty makeup, nail for the target customer groups such as women’s differentiation vertical opportunity for development. Women with congenital advantage and great potential market, consumption desire, consumption ability and times of consumer goods has increased, market bring huge business opportunities for women. According to CNNIC, as of June 2014, 632 million Internet users in China. In the Internet, the male to female ratio is 55.6, 55.6, the potential size of female market reached 270 million. At the same time, according to the baidu, according to data from the beginning of 2013, compared to female users the highest growth rates in the mobile client, including mobile content reached the highest growth rates in more than three times. With the advent of the era of mobile Internet, compared with men, women are more strong reliance on mobile Internet, the momentum of development is also the most rapidly.

however, due to domestic female market started late, development is not perfect market mechanism, market order confusion, beauty makeup, nail industry failed to meet women’s rigid demand, real for viscous user training and the improvement of female consumer goods time remains to be further enhanced.

, due to “show” yue yue people f

in the face of such market, successively in founder, Chinese online, the yi fly, dangdang, suning worked according to his own experience over the years, a profound analysis of women to the requirement of market development and industry after the pain points, choose beautiful armor. Beautiful armor to cutting nail segment + lightweight platform layout mode, the picture is a manicure manicure industries share, nail salons, manicurist and collection of nail art lovers mobile community platform.

due to “show”. Beautiful catch women love to show off, love shopping, love communication psychology, through the way of sharing nail pictures and articles to meet the psychological needs women to show off. “Female to yue oneself person look”, no matter when and where you are, the cell phone can be beautiful to share your photos and articles, the user entry is very wide, and comely firmly grasp the flow entrance, but also solved the women just need to be the first.

second, beautiful a community platform is the application of a temperature. By forms of community sharing and communication, to help users to search of the most popular style, fashionable manicurist and reliable nail salons, reduce the user from the platform to choose your offline nail a lot of unnecessary intermediate channel.

community platform extension nail segment iec

beautiful armor is a O2O mode of cold start. Beautiful armor UGC + PGC as the core, online training by means of sharing and communication among users user viscosity, with female manicure consumption-driven, natural to the user guide to offline businesses. In this process, women love to show off, for sharing the psychological drive, voluntarism to beautiful to share and exchange, at the same time, the merchants for customer flow is also a registered independent voluntary to beautiful, in this way, from the user to merchants, from online to offline, two-way soliciting, coordination between customers and merchants, through community platform extended nail subdivided market chain. Yi, founder of the fly, “beautiful armor gradually form the user + business ecosystem, the ground is offline to nail, can be interpreted as O2O mode of a cold start.”

beautiful armor on the basis of ecological business model, in the nail niche market gradually rise. Beautiful armor founded more than a year of time, cumulative 10 million active users, and offline merchants level 100000, registered users involved in many fields at home and abroad people, beautiful armor can be said to be the nail subdivided market bosses. In when it comes to the success of the beautiful armor, yi fly said, “ecological business model, and the Internet is the development trend of vertical niche comely a key factor of success.”

beautiful armor to do nail industry “Tmall”. With the acceleration development of Internet applications, the traditional nail salons almost powerless to resist the impact of the Internet wave, therefore, transformation of traditional industries to the Internet is the inevitable trend. With the development of nail salons and nail art market will be more competitive, then there will be a painful nail the market stage of resource integration, some small or large salon is going to die, this is also a trend in the development of market economy. Yi fly convective cloud network, “the beautiful a complementary and mutual benefit, mutual community platform, is to help the traditional nail industry transition, it is also a beautiful armor do nail industry” Tmall “maximum value.”


in nail art market segment, and almost no beautiful like a class of products, can be worth mentioning is “grandfather carving” founded by beaver’s home, but because the two sides is differentiated competition, in this don’t do too much. “Product and content is the development of core competence, the beautiful armor were walking in the way of business, beauty will be developed along their own pace, perfecting the beauty of the social attribute, tools and media attribute.” Yi fly finally concludes.

beautiful armor

time: October 2013


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