Be a wake up YouTube to their peers: video industry can play “exceptional” mode

YouTube make independent from the world video content creators make thriving, although many video ads, but that some advertising creators in most cases is not enough to make a living. Earlier this summer, Google shows that content will soon have a chance to request donations on their YouTube channel. This function has been started, let’s see how it works fast.

if video producers hope to receive donations, at the upper left of the video will be an icon. Sometimes, hovering over the icon will appear “support the current video” option.

there are time, click on the icon will popup a tip over the video. A window will pop up according to the instructions, how much money you can choose to donate.

“exceptional” is not confined to the browser, can also be used on YouTube Android applications.

in the process of your donation, YouTube will take a small part to handle the transfer. Specific take how many according to the state. In the United States, YouTube take 5% plus 21 cents; In Japan, was 5% and 22 yen (20.98 cents).

a americans donated $10, for example, YouTube will take 71 cents in his pocket as a reward. Fortunately, most donations to direct remit content creators. Google Wallet is needed to deal with.

now, YouTube “exceptional” function only in Australia, Japan, Mexico and the United States launched four countries. Google is trying to will, of course, one way to more countries. People in the four countries can now in your browser or higher than the 5.7 version of the YouTube Android applications to use this feature. Support for other platforms was brewing.


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