BAT inadvertently creating “Chinese characteristics” of the investment patterns let fear in silicon valley

alibaba listed after a series of investment activities in the United States, at a recent silicon valley startups Quixey depth cooperation, let us counterparts felt the tension stress. Jeff Richards and Jixun Foo two veteran investors for a deep analysis of this phenomenon, that China’s investment model in the past few years was a stunning success, and other influential companies in China, such as alibaba brought this pattern to silicon valley.

a few weeks ago, the Chinese e-commerce giant alibaba in its annual developers conference published a series of announcements. Part of the announcement revolves around ali’s plans for future mobile phone business strategy, the strategic plan and also a company called Quixey silicon valley startups. What makes electric business giants with a market capitalisation of $200 billion in California’s silicon valley just budding startups cooperation? What strategies they will take next?

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