Basic concepts – intelligent bicycle price 5592 yuan


the last two years the traditional bicycle industry competition entered the white-hot stage, when the bike in intelligence, seems to be all things to all people saw another piece of heaven and earth, baidu, millet and other Internet giant has now joined for the camp. Hunting cloud network today to introduce a simple and intelligent combined with the basic concept of intelligent bicycle.

basic concepts (BiCi rev kyrgyz) is an intelligent bicycle brand, is far from Shanghai information technology co., LTD. Its products. After paired with mobile phone APP, can see all kinds of cycling data from a mobile phone. Founder Jiang Min Chen, give up the civil service, give up the investment Banks, give up work in London, only to become a maker. Basic concept of recently completed A round of millions of dollars in financing, investment institutions for lianchuang source.

Jiang Min zichen told hunting cloud network, will be released on November 22, called “basic concepts. Rev transcribing” first forming intelligent bicycle products, it is equipped with a carbon fiber frame, Shimano high-grade variable speed suite, will have security, cycling navigation, cycling data, intelligent lights, and other functions. BiCi independent research and development team including bicycle intelligent operating system, industrial design, matching the APP and cloud services, aims to belong to this era of science and technology of materials, manufacturing process and bring users subversive riding experience.

we know that carbon fiber has great plasticity. Different kinds, modulus of carbon fiber with different physical properties. Some strong rigidity and fragile, some low strength and resilient. So different in different parts of the stack can shift the physical properties of the frame. Popularization, one 5 of the carbon fiber is a steel density, is 35 times the strength of steel and steel is 9 times the tensile strength, only three 5 the weight of the aluminum alloy frame.

let’s take a look at the car’s final details.

BiCi vehicle made by carbon fiber, at first glance have qualitative feeling very much. Behind the handlebars, cushion is equipped with breathing lamp. According to the different state transformation frequency of cycling, and color. BiCi car bring smart chip, can record the cycling route, distance.

bluetooth connection: hardware, low-power iPhone via bluetooth to communicate with BiCi (BLE).

unlock: basic function, press can unlock/lock BiCi gently.

security (alarm) : in locked state, if there are other people trying to steal, handling BiCi. Owner phone APP will receive the alarm Push Notification. In addition, BiCi itself will also early warning.

GPS positioning: if BiCi lost, or forget where, can use this function recovered.

racing seat: use a soft material, type is still racing.

hunting cloud network on the basic concept of website to see the activity called “rev transcribing plan”, as the experience of the first batch of products, should be very smart. Really want to join, what can I do? Really want to spend a weekend the whole city on a business trip.

by comparison, the same configuration of bikes sold on the market at present is controlled in 8000-10000, is expected to BiCi. Rev transcribing should also will face in the high-end users. At the same time, there will be a little more professional and transcribing Pro version for enthusiasts, is seems to be the main experience and pretend bility, high-end undertakes after all.

the latest news shows that ten thousand yuan level bicycle price 5592 yuan, hunting cloud network also see more configuration list, Kinlin, four perlin hub Novatec long yu, Shimano Tiagra 4600 1 o speed variable speed suite… Experts see these configuration, combined with the carbon fiber frame, think worth the price?

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