Balls earth: focus on overseas private tour guide book to pick up the service platform

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read classic travel channel columns – “how to play the earth person all know, show, the host will be under the guidance of local people, local conditions and customs and local culture deeply experience around the world, new tourism way to impress the audience. Travel outside the territory and reality, the traditional way is language Tours, less choice, organize some disadvantages such as difficult, difficult to reach the depth of experience; With tourist group tour type, people tired of the same time go deeper experience and life become a trend in the development of tourism.

how to restore the earth environment in reality show tourism scene, become hai-bo song entrepreneurship “balls” starting point. Balls earth (formerly called: a guest balls) is a focus on outbound travel private custom P2P services platform, to tourism destination through the platform of local guide docking, provide personalized PeiYou service by the wizard, help you to experience the local culture more deeply, digging more life experience of tourism. At present, the balls earth focused on foreign tourism market, the founder of hai-bo song convective cloud network, “from the line of the tourism market demand analysis, tourists to the destination as unfamiliar, the language barrier, the greater the demand for pick up service to the more intense.”

specific to balls on the earth’s function, the user can choose according to the destination guides, also can through the web and APP selection guide; Platform set up “popular tour guide recommended” function, to help users to quickly determine the destination and guide; In determining the destination and guides, SMS platform can make reservation and send order. For tourists concerned about tourist attractions, route, the problem such as hotel reservation, the user can choose their own or local tour guide to participate in the recommendation, make outbound tourism route design more humanized. About balls earth outbound travel is simple and convenient operation, hai-bo song, “the entrepreneurial P2P travel service platform, balls do TO the middle of the earth, focus is balls + light travel earth always adhere TO the development of the main line.”

in order to ensure the safety of travel, round the earth have a series of security measures. First of all, for the tour guide information base to form a strict standard, online website credentials, offline balls sent to the local earth to carry on the field test, to ensure reliable guide identity; Secondly, in the tight link, balls the earth the whole process of tracking, the entire record and for the record; Finally, a complete set of balls earth credit review system, according to the user after the travel review status, balls earth would like to cash settlement business.

since its launch in 2012, meatball earth has covered 50 countries, 300 cities, cumulative finished 3000 deal, and conversion rate of more than 20%, they also just in August to its capital of nearly ten million yuan of A round of funding. Balls earth phone APP has been developed, is currently in closed beta period, also recently launched. When it comes to food the future development of the planet, hai-bo song, “focus on overseas Chinese private guide book P2P service line will not change, the future in terms of product features and user experience.”

it is reported that domestic outbound market data of 97 million, 2013, 2014 has been through, outbound tourism market scale is continually expanding. Domestic outbound P2P tourism market presents a piece of the red sea, such as where to net swims “locals”, fresh passengers, E have try water, such as P2P tourism market. Simple comparison from tourism way and content, can’t distinguish between balls and other earth platform relative slightly, the pick up service platform, provide convenient for individuals quickly integrated into the local environment, and provide human nature to change more features and user experience become the key to the development of P2P overseas to pick up the service platform.

balls earth

time: March 2012


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