Baidu will push smart bike operating system Support for navigation and social

October 9th noon news, according to sources, the baidu is working on research and development of intelligent bicycle OS (operating system), with the core engine, baidu brain bicycle, such as navigation and social functions. At the same time, baidu bicycle DuBike prototype has entered into the actual road test, is expected to be launched at the end of the year.

it is understood that the by baidu IDL learning lab (depth) fencing smart bike OS research program, will be with the core engine, baidu brain through modular IO, the implementation of bicycle navigation, social, health monitoring, crowdsourcing cycling map, intelligent recommended route and fitness plan, etc.

sources said, intelligent bicycle DuBike will be placed in the body of the intelligent sensor systems and has health management and the social function of APP, the integrated sensor, artificial intelligence, automatic control, such as large data analysis technologies.

it is known that DuBike can according to the geographical location of the driver, the urban traffic and environment quality, riding habit factors such as comprehensive analysis, automatic path planning. The bike also can establish the cloud health archives for the user, through collecting environmental data and the rider’s personal data, such as heart rate, distance, speed, calories, showed the information via voice or display system to the rider.

at the same time, will be on APP DuBike and cloud data, to build a cycling activities of social network, provide the route design based on baidu map, recommendations and analysis function, and through health and smart devices account system. At the same time, based on the collection of health data for rider exercise plan.

DuBike will adopt more weft sensor sensing user cycling body state, and then make changes to the vehicle state, at the same time by voice interaction and body hard interface can also be artificial intervention.

in addition, DuBike has also supports intelligent locks, intelligent tire lock, etc., and the accessory built-in GPS location can be real-time judgment bicycle. The smart bike will also bring their own power generation function, as well as the external devices such as smart phones. (Nora)

source: sina science and technology


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