Baidu issued a “direct”, O2O public battlefield PK micro letter

on the baidu world conference held today, baidu officially released the “direct” services, to help businesses embrace traditional mobile Internet at the same time, also the war to the micro public, are in direct competition.

baidu CEO robin li said at the meeting, the era of mobile consumers express way needs are changing, from text input to the voice and image. He expects the next five years, consumers use voice and image expression demand will exceed 50%. Now,

traditional enterprise at present in embracing the mobile Internet mainly depend on the mobile web site, App, and the third party platform (such as micro letter public) three, on the surface, the user is numerous, but there are high costs, limited personalized service, low conversion rate of problems.

in this case, based on its own search baidu accumulate, officially launched in mobile platforms “direct” services. The service bank account based on mobile search, @, maps, and personalized recommendation and so on a variety of ways to make the customer direct business services anytime and anywhere, merchants can use direct number provided by the CRM management functions for different customers targeted services.

baidu ming-yuan li, senior vice President, said the direct number is easy to open, new, high conversion, strong holding four big characteristics, will be based on the search, maps, @ direct and found many kinds of ways to new customers. Initial invitation will be adopted, will be fully open application in years. At present, there are many famous companies such as haidilao, yoshiko fitness has access to the baidu “direct”. In the upcoming phone baidu version 6.0 will also have a direct service.

on key strategic O2O, baidu has location-based map, such as group purchase for layout, but this time directly issued a “direct” service mode is similar WeChat public mode, means that both parties are competing for the business customers in terms of more intense competition.

and most of the micro letter information public, simply do recommend different, baidu to date with their own people strongly associated with information advantage is more conducive to potential consumers directly related business services, and the potential demand into actual consumption.

on the business model, the direct number is different from the original PC search baidu click charge pattern, also like 91 assistant mobile application, constitute baidu service distribution system model, and can be as a whole in the front and back end commercialization, such as trading into, technical services, value-added charges, etc.

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