Baidu indoor map provider IndoorAtlas tens of millions of dollars investment

baidu last month on indoor map providers IndoorAtlas invested $10 million. IndoorAtlas software developed by using the digital compass in the smart phone to determine the location of the user is currently in the interior.

this technique is often referred to as “GPS”, using mobile phones can help shoppers navigate indoors, find the commodity which you want to buy. Users will see on the map a moving dot, suggests that they and the relative position between the needed goods.

IndoorAtlas iBeacon rivals including apple. Apple launched at the end of 2013 iBeacon, using bluetooth technology to help electronic devices send data within a short distance.

IndoorAtlas are testing the product. The company said the indoor positioning precision can reach 6.5 feet (2 meters).

this system also need to cooperate with other technologies, can according to user’s precise location information to show the user custom offers. IndoorAtlas currently has 17 employees, oulu headquartered in mountain view, calif., and Finland.

d, Wagner mance IndoorAtlas President (Wibe Wagemans), said America’s two top retailers and European retailer is testing the technology of the company. But he gave no details of these retailers.

Wagner, said: “we have a lot of work to do, including research and development and engineering, ensure that the product ready for market.” In this process, the company needs to cooperate with global partners, will be technology to the market.

baidu the IndoorAtlas investment means that the company will compete with alibaba. Alibaba in the IPO (initial public offering) last month raised $21.8 billion.

technical consultant company Opus Research, said many companies are focusing on this kind of technology based on the position of marketing, which in 20 billion to $20 billion a year to obtain a certain in-store marketing market. At present, many big brands will to retailers and shop owners to pay, to promote their own products.

at present, many consumers will use smart phones in shopping. “According to the pew research center Internet and American life project” research results, nearly 60% of American adults will smartphones as a shopping tool, and by January this year, 58% of American adults have smartphones.

alibaba at present are also involved in this market, the company has to Yintai group invested $692 million. The two companies plan cooperation development O2O business model. In April this year, alibaba also agreed to buy China ranked first for about $1.5 billion of digital mapping and navigation services applies to software. Scott software is baidu’s competitors.

at the same time, apple iBeacon also in progress. In September, to start deploying iBeacon macy’s technology. Macy’s, said by the holiday season this year, its shopping application Shopkick will be used in the country’s 4000 stores in the United States. Shopkick iBeacon based technology. In addition, the chain drugstore Walgreens also launched in May this year iBeacon pilot projects.

IDC Retail Insights, an analyst at lesley han DE (Lesile Hand), said other companies are entering the indoor positioning technology in include cisco, IBM and Aruba Networks. He said: “everyone is talking about iBeacon, because this is apple’s technology. However, many companies have launched a similar technology.” (the more the high)

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