Baidu holdings, Brazil’s biggest group-buying Peixe

on October 9, after the online Portuguese version baidu search, baidu is speeding up the local Brazilian market layout. According to foreign media reports, baidu inc., and Brazil’s biggest group-buying Peixe Urbano strategic agreement, acquired a controlling stake in Peixe, however, the two sides will give specific market price and shareholding.

under the terms of the deal, baidu will allow Peixe Urbano existing within the framework of enterprise’s management team in baidu independent operations.

with a population of two hundred million, Brazil is the world’s fifth largest Internet market, according to E – bit with several consulting companies such as A.T. Kearney estimates that Brazil’s electricity by 2016 dealer market is expected to grow by 18% a year. Analysis thinks, acquire Peixe control will conduce to the development of baidu in the Brazilian market.

as early as in July 2012, baidu is good in Brazilian Portuguese edition of 123 sites. In July, accompanied by baidu CEO robin li, chairman of the China national promised the company during a visit to Brazil in the next three years will be in the local investment 120 million reais ($50 million).

according to the baidu agreement signed with Brazil and innovation of science and technology department, baidu will be building a world-class r&d center in Brazil, actively carry out the Brazilian Internet research, development and innovation of science and technology and services, promoting Internet in Brazil market innovation, entrepreneurship, professional construction, helping Brazil the Internet industry to create more healthy ecosystem, so as to improve the international competitiveness of Brazil’s Internet industry.

Source; Tencent technology

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