Baidu anti-corruption disclosure of 4 cases, efforts to create the career

on November 10, baidu through a “work together, create the career of internal email, inform the staff since the early 2014” sunshine “workplace action to investigate and punish the four suspected of job occupation, commercial bribery of the major professional ethics violations, called on employees to” simple can rely on the company’s core values, to create a fair and transparent, sunlight, workplace environment.

baidu, since the beginning of this year, the original game division general manager Liao Jun, baidu search and resources cooperation Wang Qingwei, brand show, head of the advertising department manager Chen gang, display advertising business planning, general manager of customer service supervisor Lin Hanchao, alliance development Ma Guolin (weibo) on suspicion of commercial bribery, or job occupation is company terminate the labor contract, at the same time, baidu also active to report a case to the judicial organs. At present, the procuratorial organs approved Lin Hanchao and Liao Jun arrested, Ma Guolin has been criminal detention by the police and initiate an investigation.

baidu company insists that there is no internal corruption, d.c., also does not have the area, in the company’s professional ethics and the laws of the state before the high tension line, no privilege to anybody. Baidu also urged the staff work together to “build a fair and transparent in the workplace, sunshine construction health fair career development environment, defend the simple can rely on the corporate culture.”

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