Baidu again online education layout, network’s $10.6 million investment in intellectual class


in successively investment amount after education, the class network, baidu again the deployment in the field of online education.

today, go abroad online learning platform intellectual class exam net today announced that the model has landed A total of $10.6 million in baidu A round of funding, company valuation of $100 million. After this round of funding, intellectual class network layout, team, the content of the product research and development, market operation and deep learning algorithms, etc.

intellectual class network education technology co., LTD., affiliated with Beijing innovation partners was founded in February this year, the former executive of new Oriental school WeiXiaoLiang, less zhai co-founded, corrects its a great wisdom and intelligence class two models, which corrects very wisdom focuses on the “practice” link in the online education, provides online spoken English in the form of crowdsourcing corrects, composition and other services; Intellectual class network is focused on “learning” link in the online education, in the form of recorded class provides study abroad such as ielts, toefl exam training services.

it is understood that this is the third investment baidu in the field of education, is also one of the largest online education A round of funding, and intellectual class net value of $100 million.

the original traditional education training institutions scattered distribution, regional strong, not easy to scale, in front of the technological revolution is facing the change of the industry. At present domestic field of online education is still in an early stage, rapid development. For baidu is also suitable for the layout of the stage. Can imagine, baidu will provide intellectual class network traffic and technical support, and that is of class network in the early stages of development need.

network CEO WeiXiaoLiang intellectual class, besides money, choose baidu baidu can bring intellectual class network involved in their imaginary space on ecosystem: in addition to traffic, many businesses such as baidu baidu video, the brain, baidu baidu cloud ecosystem, baidu direct number, etc all can realize with the combination of online education.

in view of the future planning, intellectual class network will power is in the following respects: one is the depth of the layout on the direction of mobile products and hardware, application research and development is similar to the low, use baidu brain, cloud computing and other support to assist in teaching. Second, rich content plate, such as increasing the cet courses in China. 3 it is O2O layout, the future will be and education institutions and universities form linkage. Four is the depth of the improved learning algorithm; Five, extend the team.


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