BackerClub, participate in the raise “road show” in front of the platform

Kickstarter has become a lot of want to venture abroad and a paradise for investors. Many people may not satisfy the existing ecological systems, however, want to skip the set rules in private transactions. BackerClub before as a pre-release, for investors and entrepreneurs to pull the red company is gradually was welcomed by users.

BackerClub is a company from the United States in Washington, founded by Mark Baker and Billy Smith. It is only for upcoming member in the Kickstarter campaign. Want to become a member, you need to support more than 50 in the Kickstarter project. Baker says, there are about 25000 Kickstarter user conforms to this condition, of which most people supported the hundreds of thousands of plans. After joining, you will get a BackerClub audit list, above all is the upcoming or launched Kickstarter project. This audit list to help these members are more likely to get information they want. The most important thing is that every Kickstarter activities will be selected to BackerClub members some additional benefits, the website want to be able to pass this method to attract more financial supporters.

but for those who want to own the raise activity on audit list, BackerClub submitted $299 at a time. BackerClub want to solve the problem is that many part of the success of the raising activities are credited to the pre-release marketing. Ensures that a pre-release marketing plan before posted on Kickstarter will have enough power to get the potential supporters took out their wallets. Raise activities like traditional investors, the supporters are used to follow the rules.

Baker told me: “this year, I have given a lot of the raise plan pre-release stage provides the Suggestions. Every time I generally the problem is, those excellent plan want to make contact with potential supporters before release is very difficult. But the huge conference on Kickstarter play a very important role in the success of plan eventually.”

however, vision is more vision before held important pre-release get the raise. Backer said: “from now on, we will no doubt will be influential and active Kickstarter supporters gathered in one place, this number may be thousands.”

if BackerClub achieve this vision, so the young start-up company will get the attention of Kickstarter, there will be a battle is expected to happen. BackerClub released many list also includes the launch of new wind company on Kickstarter, it can be seen that they reach deep, ambitious.

however, more practical, BackerClub will compete with traditional pre-release providers, such as other, Prefundia and Erli Bird.


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