Back to the rural entrepreneurship? ! Ali support rural electricity for three years to 10 billion

(word/qing nan)

although China electricity in huge dividends and growth between urban space haven’t finish digest, but there is no denying that, with the rapid development of Internet economy in rural area, the electricity business spread into rural is doomed to be a becomes increasingly urgent task, as China’s electricity giant alibaba is the layout of the early players.

support after the village of taobao, taobao county in recent years, alibaba and made greater action, to let the spark form greater start a prairie fire.

in the 1st zhejiang county e-commerce summit held yesterday, alibaba group launched the “thousand county village plan”, in three to five years to invest 10 billion yuan, set up 1000 operations center at the county level and 1000 service. This means that, alibaba will in the next few years to promote the rural in the form of offline service entity, the electronic commerce network covers more than one-third of the nation’s county and one 6 of the rural areas.

alibaba group COO zhang yong, IPO after the three major strategic layout, rural, cross-border and data respectively. From which it can be seen that the rural market is ali electric business environment in China, the vertical digging, cross-border is horizontal scalability (double 11 shopping festival will have larger reflect), and also need to use big data system support behind.

“when e-commerce cause whole society commercial ecological change, the countryside needs to catch up, and even implemented corner overtaking,” alibaba group COO zhang yong said, “we hope that through the role of electronic commerce, also can enjoy rural and urban consumption choices, make excellent talents can return to rural entrepreneurship, let farmers, you can purchase directly from the manufacturer of production to reduce cost, make agricultural products to sell the homes around the world.”

zhang yong, said qian county service stations will be in the process of village sprang out, the country-and, guide and inspire the countryside bursts with greater vitality.

the current reality is that online shopping market scale after one trillion in China, the city of online shopping market growth is slowing, the rural market has become the new engine for growth in electricity industry. Ali institute released in the rural electronic commerce consumer report shows, in the past three years, taobao and continuous increase of rural consumption accounted, up from 7.11% in the second quarter of 2012 to 9.11% in the first quarter of 2014.

on the other hand, the Internet population in urban and rural penetration and shrinking situation presents on the purchasing power, and there are predicted in 2016, the national rural e-commerce market is likely to exceed 460 billion yuan, total will continue to shrink and the gap between the urban scale of online shopping. Because of the advantage in rural geography, population, as Internet penetration in rural areas has increased and the improvement of the logistics infrastructure, 10 or 20 years later, the countryside or online shopping market will be beyond the city.

but the particularity of the rural market, to the expansion of electricity cannot happen overnight in a short time. Ali dean Gao Gongbing that need electricity involvement of big platform, to provide technical, concept, business ecology resources comprehensive support, also needs the government in infrastructure construction, actively as a development environment.

as a result, on the “thousand county wan village” project, alibaba is the first to start cooperation with zhejiang provincial government, formed “ali plays, government guidance, rural autonomous” model of development.

zhang yong said that alibaba, the next step of rural work center of gravity is divided into four points: the investment basis, activate the ecology, innovative services and create value, precisely in the county village set up operation system, strengthening the logistics, completes the infrastructure; Help foster more buyers and service providers, completes the personnel training; Act as purchasing agency services in rural areas, rural financial innovation, agricultural materials electricity O2O, etc.; To help farmers increase income, increase employment, implementation of new urbanization.

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